Pickleball is just one use for your newly resurfaced tennis court!

Colorado Hardwood Floors has expanded and added tennis court resurfacing to their athletic division. As a tennis court resurfacing and repair contractor, Colorado Hardwood Floors can assist with a huge variety of projects ranging from adding new game lines to a full surface with a fresh top coat and all new game lines. We utilize a tennis court surface material ideally designed to be slip resistance and spin responsive for an ideal playing surface. 


When resurfacing a tennis court you get to select the colors, courts and other factors you want to incorporate. We can add basketball lines, pickleball lines, create courts for playgrounds including hopscotch and 4-square and much more. Outdoor basketball courts are a great option for making your backyard the cool place for the neighbor kids to hang out. New sports are growing in popularity like futsal which allows us to accommodate even more customers. Tennis court surfaces also work well for roller sports, hard soccer courts, play areas and more. Elementary schools, preschools and daycares often look for custom surfacing options that include numbers for students to sit on, maps, game courts and other add ons. 


If you have hopped on the pickleball train you may be looking to add a pickleball court or add fresh court lines to your existing court. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US, its fast paced and fun to play. Many places are converting tennis courts to offer pickleball as well but as the sport takes off people are starting to install stand alone pickleball courts. Parks and recreation centers are starting to add these courts after being hounded by pickleball fans for a place to play. 

Home Pickleball Courts

People are starting to install pickleball courts in the yards because of the smaller footprint. If you are looking to install a pickleball court or resurface a tennis court to add pickleball Colorado Hardwood Floors can help. A full size tennis court or basketball court is much bigger than a pickleball court so these courts are great for smaller yards. 

Tennis Court Crack Repair

Many customers are curious if we need to fully resurface a tennis court to repair a crack or if we can just repair a crack. We don’t need to fully resurface a tennis court to repair most cracks but the final result will not be entirely seamless with a full resurface. To repair a crack we will trowel a repairing compound into the crack to repair the crack and then add the surface material to the top. This process creates a safe playing surface, looks better and helps protect the court. The cold Colorado winters cause the concrete to freeze and expand which can damage the court. 

We are Your Trusted Source for Tennis Court Resurfacing in Denver!

No matter what type of tennis court or sport court you want to add to your yard or athletic center Colorado Hardwood Floors can help. We offer a full line up of tennis court systems ranging from installations to resurfaces and repairs. Our expansion into more sports systems helps us be a better resource for customers and be even more of a full service contractor than we were previously. 

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