Thornton Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Thornton Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

At Colorado Hardwood Floors we are residential flooring contractors as well as athletic wood flooring contractors. Our team offers full service hardwood flooring services for athletic applications which includes maintenance, refinishing and installation of gym floors. Our team can work with a variety of different mills to install all types of athletic wood flooring. We service the Thornton, CO area. 

Gym Floor Installation

When installing new gym flooring there are a few different designs or types installers need to be familiar with. Colorado Hardwood Floors installs both fixed and floating systems, the two most common types, but can work with nearly any product. We are able to help advise customers as well on what system works for their building, the use of their floor and the most budget friendly option. When installing gym flooring we can’t just work off the manual, we have to be prepared to problem solve when the floor varies from the “ideal” and our team is great at coming up with solutions for these problems. We know that not every school has the same budget and pride ourselves on being able to help nearly any potential customer find a solution that works for their budget. 

When we work with schools they are often surprised by how different athletic flooring is to residential flooring. Performance athletic flooring is not just the wood you see on the surface, it is a full underlayment system that cushions the floor and adds some bounce or give to the floor. When installing athletic flooring the subfloor is generally concrete and would make the flooring very hard, but the underlayment makes it a good surface for sports. Basketball and Volleyball are played on this type of flooring to keep athletes safe and comfortable. We commonly see these performance systems in gyms but they are also a great surface for dance studios and yoga studios. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

Our team has refinished all sorts of floors including schools, dance halls, recreation centers and colleges. With the variety of flooring types we have worked on there really aren’t any requests that surprise us. Refinishing wood flooring is a tedious process but it really is remarkable how much removing old finish can transform not only the floor but the entire gym. Our team is full service and we complete the project from start to finish including the design work. We sand the floors, paint them, add artwork and do the finishing, our customers don’t have to find artists and designers to work alongside us. Working in this field means we get to see lots of different parts of the state, work in a variety of different facilities and work with a variety of different people. We love all the variety in our work and how it changes each project, keeping our work from feeling monotonous. When we start working with a Thornton customer we begin our design process with an open dialog about all the things they want and need for their floor. We pay a lot of attention to the layout they need for their floor but also for the design features they want to include. After this we work on turning their vision into a schematic, providing our customers with a few variations and making revisions as needed. 

Gym Floor Striping, Paint & Design

After the design process is over it’s time to do the actual labor. Before we start the project with an onsite meeting where we walk the gym and ensure all the details are confirmed and ready for application. We like to have the logo orientation double checked to ensure we are all on the same change and get the design fully signed off on. We also use this time to go over any questions to ensure the customer knows what to expect. Then it’s time to get to work, the process can take a little over a week depending on the size of the facility or be done in just a few days if it is a smaller space. The floor transformation happens quickly and it is a very cool process to be part of. Sanding off the old finish exposes all the beautiful maple. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

Beyond installation and refinishing we also do maintenance services. Screen and coats or buff and coats are a maintenance service that adds a fresh coat of finish to the floor. These are a great way for Thornton gyms to keep their gym looking good and safe for their athletes. Maintenance coats should be applied annually and are one of the best ways to protect your flooring investment. If your floor has become slippery this can also fix that issue because the new finish will have the proper slip coefficient. During a maintenance service we can add fresh paint to the floor for additional lines, courts or even logos but paint cannot be removed. 

Our company puts a lot of focus on athletic flooring especially gymnasiums but there are other large scale wood floors we work on. Dance studios and yoga centers are some of the most common but there are other types. Racquetball courts, dance halls, grange halls, recreation centers and community centers are places where we see a lot of wood flooring but don’t fit the traditional gym category. While we may not paint logos or courts on these floors there need refinishing and maintenance like other wood flooring. 

While our team got its start doing residential wood flooring the athletic expansion has been a great change for Colorado Hardwood Floors. There is so much to learn and do when it comes to gym flooring and it has been a great growth opportunity for our company. The athletic application of wood flooring is creative and fun which makes it a great break from day to day installation. Being able to see beautiful parts of Colorado like Thornton is just another benefit of this line of work. 

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