Gillette Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Gillette Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado hardwood floors is a full-service athletic wood flooring contractor servicing Gillette Wyoming. We offer both athletic wood floor installation and refinishing. We began working in residential wood flooring and expanded to athletic flooring. Moving to athletic wood flooring has been a great way to expand our teams skills. The skill set needed for athletic wood flooring goes far beyond that of residential flooring. Skills like a logo application and striping our big changes from residential flooring. You have worked alongside athletic wood flooring manufacturers to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

Gym Floor Installation

When installing athletic wood flooring a performance system is required. Our team installs both fixed and floating system types. Mills have set rules for installing these products and adhering to the rules is vital for the floors integrity. We work alongside our customers to help them choose systems that work for their needs which include their budget. There are many factors that must be considered when choosing a system, use of the building and building specifications are the two most important. We work hard to be educators as well as construction workers.

Many people do not know the difference between residential flooring and performance sports flooring. Performance sports flooring utilizes an underlayment system perfectly designed for use in gymnasiums.The maple flooring is installed over the systems which consist of plywood and padding. Installing directly onto the concrete will create a hard floor with no give. Performance sports flooring has bounce and give That reduces tension on joints and increases comfort for athletes. Basketball and volleyball are commonly played on these floor types and the systems are designed to make sure the ball bounces properly. Many emails use basketball as their standard when designing your systems but they also work well in yoga and dance studios.

Athletic wood flooring are seen in so many different types of spaces ranging from elementary schools to gyms to universities. Community centers are also common places where you will see the types of floors. We work in all different types of spaces, no two jobs are alike. Working in so many different types of facilities means that we see a lot of different variables, it really keeps us on our toes and working hard to ensure proper installation standards are met. When we bid our project we work with our customers to ensure they get all the design elements they are looking for in their floor. The bid and design process are done simultaneously to ensure our quote is accurate. We work on more specifics over time but start with what elements will be included, sizing and a few other basics. Our team works on all the different stages of your project including all on-site work. Our team works in Gillette Wyoming and can come out for in person bids but also provide bids and design meetings via zoom

Gym Floor Design, Painting & Striping

Our design Process is very thorough, discussing all possible variables that need to be included. We talk about court layout ensuring we meet your floors’ needs not just the wants. Courts can be very busy if too many are added and we want our customers to make an informed decision.When’s courts are determined we can look into the design elements like logos, stain and paint. Our team will help you with paint colors as well and can create custom paint when needed. Once all elements have been determined we create a schematic that will be available for revision by the customer. After the layout has been approved we can order stencils and paint.

When we arrive on site we begin our project with an on-site walk. Walking the project is when we double check all aspects of the layout, go over any concerns and answer questions. After our site walk we can begin on your installation, refinish or other service. We start our refinishes with sanding and use a specialty sander that is designed to remove the flooring finish and flatten the wood. After the old finish has been removed we can add seal coats to the floor. Once the seal coats are dry we get to do the fun part, logos and lines. After the paint has been applied and dried we can add the topcoat.

Gym Floor Maintenance

Colorado Hardwood Floors going to be on installation and refinishing, providing maintenance services. Gym flooring is very expensive and protecting it is important for ensuring his lifespan. Maintenance services are a great way to protect your Gillette Wyoming gym and keep it functioning for years and years to come. Maintenance coats are also called screen and coats and they are our top maintenance service. When performing a maintenance coat we buff the floor and then apply a fresh layer of finish to the top, this protects the floor and ensures proper traction. Maintenance coats are a great time to add fresh paint lines if needed but paint cannot be removed. 

We work with all types of large scale wood flooring, not just gymnasiums. Yoga studios commonly have wood flooring and we work with them regularly. Racquetball courts, community centers and recreation centers are also common customers. These applications of wood flooring still need the same care and maintenance without the logos and paint. Sanding these floors still requires speciality sanders and professional care.

The performance sports flooring industry has been a great addition to Colorado hardwood floors. The labor associated with athletic flooring is strenuous but the creative outlet makes it worthwhile. We were working with Gillette Wyoming customers for their athletic wood flooring needs.

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