Wyoming Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

Wyoming Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

At Colorado Hardwood Floors we are passionate about all types of athletic wood flooring. We provide a variety of wood flooring services including installation of new gym flooring, refinishing of athletic flooring and screen and coats. Our installation team works with a variety of different flooring systems and can install both fixed and resilient systems. Our gym flooring team services the entire state of Wyoming.

Gym Floor Installation

There are a few different installation styles of gym flooring. The most common are fixed and floating systems but there are times when budget, existing conditions and other factors require a unique system. We are not just contractors, we are problem solvers and can find solutions to make unique flooring systems work. Some schools do not have the budget for a high cost system, we have solutions and ideas on how to make a new install work for almost any budget. Performance sports flooring or gym flooring is a multipart system that combines underlayment and special cushions or pads giving the floor some give and cushion. The flexibility of the sports system makes it ideal for sports like basketball and volleyball. The cushions are designed specifically to increase both comfort and safety. While these systems seem most commonly to be used in gymnasiums they are also seen in dance studios and yoga centers.

Gym Floor Refinishing

Our team has worked with a variety of different businesses and facilities to refinish their flooring and give them a brand new floor. Refinishing gym flooring is a multifaceted skill that combines painting, art work, sanding, finishing and even design. We have created beautiful floors for rec centers, athletic centers, schools, colleges and other businesses. Our team sits down with each client, either in person or over zoom, to discuss what design elements they want in their floor, what sport courts they need to include, changes to their court layouts that may need to be added and any other elements they want to include. We love presenting our customers with their custom floor design and seeing the excitement about their new one of a kind floor. We travel anywhere in Wyoming and it’s one of our favorite parts of being gym flooring contractors. 

Our team arrives at your facility and before we begin working we always walk the gym with whomever is in charge of the floor project for the school. We go over all the details of the process, ensure placement of the courts, logos, and any other elements is consistent with our diagram. After the floor has been walked, design has been approved and our team has gone over any questions it’s time to get to work. Our customers always comment on how remarkable the transformation is. Removing the aged and ambered finish allows the wood’s natural beauty to shine clearly again. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

We also do maintenance services for athletic facilities. One of the services is called a screen and coat but is also referred to as a maintenance coat or buff and coat. Many of our Wyoming customers have become regulars because of our maintenance coats.This process refreshes the floor and allows us to ensure the grip or slip coefficient of the floor is at the right level. Maintenance coats are not a time in which we can remove any design elements on the floor but new lines can be added if a new court is needed or a rule change requires a new line. 

We love the process of designing a new gym floor. When we meet for a design consultation we will discuss what you are looking for, elements you want to incorpor

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