Longmont Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

Longmont Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

The team at Colorado Hardwood Floors is trained on all types of hardwood flooring including athletic flooring. Our team offers sand and finish, maintenance and installation of new athletic wood flooring. We work with a variety of athletic flooring manufacturers and offer both fixed and floating systems. We service the Longmont, Colorado area as well as the entire state of Colorado.

Gym Floor Installation

The installation of gym floors includes a variety of different system styles. The most common styles of performance athletic flooring are fixed and floating. Our team works with our customer to find a floor system that meets their budget, usage and works with the specifications of their building. We go beyond installation and our problem solvers, finding solutions for issues that may arise like different depths of concrete, gaps between the edge of the floor and the stem walls and more. We are passionate about educating our clients and strive to make each customer feel comfortable. The choices when installing a new gym floor can be intimidating, we work hard to help our customers make an informed decision that they feel confident about. We can work with nearly any budget, finding a solution is part of our job. Performance gym flooring goes beyond the surface layer of maple flooring. The underlayment system below the maple adds bounce and give to the floor. This system consists of padding and plywood subflooring that is paired with the maple to create a performance sports flooring system. Sports systems take pressure off of joints and reduce injury, making them a great option for basketball and volleyball courts. Gym flooring commonly uses these systems but dance floors, yoga studios and fitness centers also use these systems.

Gym Floor Refinishing

We offer refinishing services and work with a variety of different types of clients and customers. Our team is full service and provides all the stages of a refinish from design to the final finish coat. We provide all the services including painting, stencils, sanding, design, and of course the finish coats. We work with all types of people ranging from yoga studio owners to athletic directors for colleges. We meet with our clients at the beginning of the process to discuss all the factors they want to include in their court. This includes any design elements changes to their current layout, courts they may need, the artwork and of course the colors. We prefer to do these meetings in person but can also meet over zoom when needed. We ask our clients to tell us what elements they would like to include in their floor like stained three point arcs and logos. We then take this information and create a variety of different layout concepts. This is a really fun part of our job and we love showing our customers their design ideas on paper. We work hard to offer one on one design meetings and one of a kind court layouts. Our Longmont Colorado clients walk away from their design meetings excited and ready for the next step. 

Gym Floor Design, Painting & Striping

When it is time for us to start our project we will arrange to meet with a customer on site. This on-site meeting is to ensure all the details are correct like the orientation of logos and colors. We get final approval of the layout and then begin our work. We are available to answer questions throughout the process as well. We start the sanding process the same day as the walk-through and transformation is remarkable.Clients are astonished by how good their floor looks when the ambered finished is removed. Maple is a beautiful natural wood and it’s naked form the grain really shines.

Gym Floor Maintenance

We are more than just a refinish and installation company, we also provide maintenance services. Maintenance services include repairs to damaged wood and buffing coats. A buff and coat is a great way to protect your floor and ensure it is safe for use. Many athletic facilities in Longmont use us for their maintenance coats, protecting both their customers and their investment in their floor. A screen and coat or buff and coat is when we apply a fresh coat of finish to an existing floor. The floor is buffed so the new coat can adhere but it is not sanded. Paint cannot be removed during this process but new logos and lines can be added.

When starting a construction company we never imagined we would also be working in design. Athletic wood flooring has opened that door for us and we love the creative outlet. We start every refinishing installation project by sitting down with our customer for a design meeting. We go over all elements that will be included in the floor including the grade of the wood, the finish type, and staining. Our team takes these elements as well as paint colors and logos and creates one of a kind schematics to show our customers. These layouts include a few varieties of the same concept with varying sizes, colors and other elements. Our customer can make revisions as needed adding and removing elements and changing colors, until they find the perfect design. After the design is finalized we work on finding paint options either in store or by using custom colors. We have never done the same floor twice and love how unique each job feels.

Well we talk a lot about athletic flooring and design work they also offer work that does not include design and courts. Fitness centers, racquetball courts, and dance schools are common places where you will see hardwood flooring on a large scale without paint lines. Rec centers and meeting halls often have large scale wood flooring as well. These floors need maintenance, refinishing, and installation but commonly do not include logos or paint. We service these types of hardwood as well.

Continuing what Colorado hardwood floors has started with residential work into the athletic division has been a great success. Our attention to detail and emphasis on customer satisfaction works great in both residential and athletic fields. It is a great feeling of accomplishment to see a project of this size through to completion. Our team loves that every day feels different than the last and that our projects vary so greatly. We love seeing the great city of Longmont on the gym trail.

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