Casper Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Casper Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado hardwood floors knows all about athletic wood flooring and services the Casper Wyoming area. Our team installs all different types of athletic performing systems and provides different athletic wood flooring services. We can install specialty systems and basic systems like fixed or resilient systems. Our team also repairs wood athletic flooring and offers maintenance.

Gym Floor Installation

Gym flooring does not come in one size fits all, there are a variety of different system types that can be used. The systems have different options and features that will make them ideal for different scenarios. Our team works alongside schools and facilities to help them find a solution for their wood flooring needs. Slab depression is a big factor in choosing a wood flooring system type. The underlayment system is designed with basketball in mind but also works well in dance flooring and yoga flooring. Performance gym floors are designed to improve comfort and safety. The underlayment system combines padding and plywood to create bounce or give which takes the stress off of joints. These systems can be complicated and intricate but our training from different mills allows us to easily tackle these projects. Wood flooring installers work with different mills to be trained in their specific systems. We also work with manufactures of finish and paint to ensure we apply these products properly as well. Athletic flooring finish is not the same as home flooring finish.

GSym Floor Design, Striping & Paint

We work with all sorts of customers like community centers, private residences, schools and universities, gyms and more. When refinishing a gym floor with sand off the old finish which brings the floor back to its original beauty. Refinishing requires our team to wear a lot of different hats, working at all different disciplines like design, painting, finish work and of course sanding. When working with a customer we try to provide them a gym that meets their exact dream. While we enjoy focusing on design we also had to work on practicality and gym layout. Logos and artwork are a part of our refinish process but are not required. Each bid includes a bed based off of our initial design meeting that can be changed before the project has begun. The initial design process helps us to create a quote that will be accurate. Colorado Hardwood Floors loves working in the beautiful state of Wyoming and offers virtual design meetings when needed. Traveling to places like Cheyenne makes the gym process fun even though it is such hard work. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

We start our projects by performing a site walk, this allows us to familiarize ourselves with the gym go over any questions or concerns and ensure all orientation and local placement has been finalized. The walk-through is repeated before the final coats are applied to give the customer time to make any request, do any repairs needed, or clean up any issues they may have with the floor. Our goal is to meet or exceed customer expectations and want them to be as excited about the floor as they were in the design meeting. Customers love seeing the transformation that takes place with the refinishing process.

Gym Floor Maintenance

Maintenance services or another option that Colorado hardwoods offers their Cheyenne customers. You may have heard maintenance services called a buff and coat or a screen and coat, these are all the same service. Maintenance services should be part of any gyms annual Service plan. They are vital to the aesthetics of the gym but also to protecting the investment in the wood flooring. Gym finish can become smooth and slippery overtime and maintenance coats ensure proper traction. Our team can add fresh paint during these services for additional courts or logos but cannot remove old paint. This is a great time to add an example record like pickle ball or volleyball but not a time to change the overall look of the floor

Our team has loved the ability to be creative with flooring and designing fun gym floors. Our installation and refinishing project give our team this creative license. Our customers are given a variety of different elements they can choose for the floor like stain, paint, custom logos and so much more. Combining the different elements allows our team to create one of a kind Gym floors for our customers. We work with schools to utilize their custom logos or can create new logos when needed, we also can custom match paint colors to ensure we find the perfect color for your floor.

The most common type of wood flooring we work with in the athletic realm is gymnasium flooring but that does not mean we are limited to just basketball courts. We also work with athletic applications like yoga studios, recreation centers, dance studios, and racquetball courts. These floors may not need design services but do you need care. Community centers and meeting halls often have large wood floors that we also service. Large spaces can be sanded with a special sander, cutting down on time on site. Sanding 10,000 sq foot spaces with a residential sander would be a challenge.

Colorado hardwood floors has worked so hard to build a great name in residential flooring and expanding to a new part of the industry has been a great way to share our craftsmanship with more people. Athletic hardwood flooring is both creative and physically demanding work. The unique look up each for breaks up what can be a mundane job.Our team also loves that they get to travel around Wyoming to places like Cheyenne. We love to see the excitement in our customers when we present them with their beautiful new floor.


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