Boulder Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Boulder Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado Hardwood floors is a residential and athletic wood flooring provider that works in Boulder, CO. Our company began as a residential contractor and over the years has added an athletic division. The addition of athletic wood flooring has allowed our team to expand their skill sets and training. Athletic flooring requires additional skill sets like logo application and striping that is not utilized in residential flooring. Our team has worked with a variety of different athletic flooring manufactures and is experienced in installing their products. 

Gym Floor Installation

Athletic wood flooring is installed onto a system, the two main system types are fixed and floating, our team works with both main types of systems and can install any variety of these products. When a mill creates a system they have specific rules for the installation, our team adheres to these rules allowing us to install these floors properly. One of our jobs as a contractor is to help customers understand the product and figure out what system is right for their project. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a system like the condition of the building, cost and use of the building. 

Performance sports flooring is much different than traditional residential flooring. Performance sports flooring is a complicated underl;ayment system designed for sports and other activities. The underlayment system incorporated the maple flooring, cushions or pads and plywood to create a raised flooring system that has give and flexibility. When installing a new gym floor we generally are working over concrete, installing wood straight to concrete would make for an incredibly hard floor. Sports like basketball are commonly played on these types of systems to ensure the ball bounces properly and to relieve tension on joints. Most mills manufacture these products with basketball in mind but they are great for volleyball, yoga and dance as well. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

Athletic wood flooring is used in so many different facilities, we work in all sorts of spaces and love that each project feels so different from the last. We have worked in community centers installing brand new floors, schools refinishing a gym and racquetball courts providing maintenance services. When you work in such different circumstances from one day to the next it really sharpens your skills and allows our team to meet our customers’ needs. Our company is unique in that we are all in house, many athletic flooring companies sub out portions of their project but our team sees the project through from bid to completion. When bidding the project we will work with our customer to create a custom layout, this layout includes the logos and other design elements. Pairing the bid with the design process allows us to give you the most accurate price quote, we get more specific including colors and other elements once the bid is accepted but sizing and elements are needed for an accurate price quote. When the project begins our team will work through the different stages including sanding, painting and finishing. We service Boulder Colorado and can do design meetings via zoom or in person.

Gym Floor Design, Striping, & Painting

The design process is really detail focused and we go over all the different variables. We start with court layout to ensure all the courts your facility needs are included and represented on the layout. Ensuring all courts are included on our bid and layout is important for transparency, lots of courts can make a floor busy and we want to ensure you can visualize this. After the courts are determined we can move to the creative part- logos and design elements. Our stencil artist can turn your school’s layout into a beautiful centercourt logo. Other design elements include stain, custom paint colors, baseline lettering and any other features you may want to include. Our team will help you find close matches for paint colors and can also create custom colors when needed. We present our customers with a schematic of the design they created, allowing them to make revisions as needed. Once the layout is finalized we can order stencils and paint. 

After the design process it’s time for us to show up on site. When we arrive onsite we prefer to start the project with a site walk. Walking the floor allows us to understand any customer concerns, ensure orientation of logos and double check any variables that may not have been signed off on. Once the site walk is completed we dive right into the project. Starting with sanding, specialized sanders are used to strip the finish off the floor and flatten the remaining wod. After The old finish is all removed we can put sealer coats onto the floor. After the sealer has dried the striping and stencil process can begin. This process is when the floor takes shape, adding paint to the lines and logos turns the blank slate of maple flooring into a gym again. Once the paint is dry the final coats are applied adding all the shine and beauty to the top of the paint. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

Maintaining athletic wood flooring is another service Colorado Hardwood Floors provides. Protecting gym flooring from damage is vital to the longevity of your floor. Gym flooring is a big investment and keeping it safe makes sense for our Boulder clients. Maintenance coats also known as a screen and coat are a great way to protect the investment you made in a gym floor. Maintenance coats add a fresh layer of finish to the floor protecting the wood and keeping the slip coefficient at the right level. During the maintenance coat process new paint can be added but not removed. 

Gym floors are our most common floor types but we can work with other large scale wood floors as well. Dance halls and yoga studios are common places where we see large scale wood flooring. Recreation centers, racquetball courts and community centers are also places we service. The different applications of wood flooring might require less design work but still need maintenance and sanding to keep in working condition. 

We have grown to love the performance sports flooring industry. Performance sports flooring is hard labor but the creative aspects add a lot of fun to the projects. We love that we get to work all over Colorado including Boulder. 

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