Hardwood Refinishing


Refinishing your hardwood floors brings new life to your existing flooring. The hardwood in your home will be rejuvenated and look like when it was first installed. We utilize the NWFA sanding process to ensure beautiful results and we know you will be blown away when we are done with your floor. We utilize our years of experience and top notch equipment to create a beautiful finished product. We stay on top of the latest technology in the industry from finish types to equipment so we are always providing the top level products to our customers. We strive to find new products that offer an improved finished product and durability. We want your floor to be something you enjoy for a long time.

When refinishing a hardwood floors you have many options to make your floor new and updated. These options include finish type, stain color and finish sheen. Colorado Hardwood offers many options to make your hardwood refinishing project a success.

You would be surprised how a old looking floor can be transformed into something much different with just the change of a stain or type of finish that goes on the floor. A stain color can bring out different characteristics or colors of a floor that you never saw before. The highlights from a hardwood floor stain are amazing.

If you want something custom during your hardwood floor refinish, Colorado Hardwood Floors is the company for you.


Over the past 20 years there have been a lot of advancements in hardwood flooring finishes and equipment. Water-Based finishes are one of the new advancements in the industry. Water-based finishes are durable and have less drawbacks than other finish types. These high quality water based products and U.V. Products let off lower V.O.C.’s which means less smell and less health impact. Some V.O.C.’s are harmful when inhaled and can take a very long time to complete the gassing off process. Some oil-based products can gas off for 60 days or longer! Water-Based and UV finishes gas off for 2-36 hours based on their specific formula. These products also have improved durability and need a maintenance coat only ever 5-8 years.

Our company also offers oil-based hardwood floor finishes for new installations as well as refinish & remodels. Oil is an older style of finish that has the classic look to it. Oil tends to be more yellow and less transparent. Many of our customers like t his finish since it appears thicker and they like the color of the finish. It wears a little faster than water-based finishes.



Hardwood floors are resilient. They are able to take abuse throughout the years and when the time comes they can be re-sanded and made to look new.  With hardwood refinishing, the transformation in just a few hours of work is truly marvelous.

Hardwood flooring can take some abuse but eventually reaches a point where it needs to be re-sanded. This re-sanding process will remove the wear and tear the floor has faced over the years and restored to its former glory. When you watch a hardwood floor being refinished it is really remarkable to see how quickly it can be totally transformed.

While your hardwood will last for decades to come the refinishing process is really important to extending the life of your floor. You may be wondering how a re-sand and refinish of the flooring works and what will take place inside your home. The refinishing transformation takes two days in most situation but may take more or less depending on your unique floor and layout.

Basics about the refinishing project-

  • Takes 2-3 days from start to finish
  • Most major scratches removed and minor scratches completely removed
    Cracks filled
  • Sheen is restored to an even shine
  • Germs, grime and dirt are removed
  • Pet stains may be removed but this is not always possible
  • Floor is smooth and looks brand new
  • Floor is maintenance free for many years and then a maintenance coat is needed

How you can expect our Employees to Be:

  • Respectful
  • Punctual
  • Clean
  • Detail orientated
  • Friendly
  • Informative
  • Background checked


In the past, Denver refinishing projects were a potentially dangerous undertaking with the large amount of dust they created. However, with the Colorado Hardwood dustless vacuuming system we are able to provide our customers with a clean refinishing process that has about 99% less dust than traditional methods.

We use state-of-the-art equipment with our 27 H.P. vacuum motor to ensure dust is never able to float around or linger in your home after we have gone – instead, it is sucked up through hoses and carried out of your home instantly. Without this system, dust could stick around for months. This creates a better environment for our employees and everyone living in the house because dust is not allowed to stay. For those that have sensitive allergies, we know how important this step in the process is for you! When we empty out our system in Denver, we never do so close to your home.

How it works!

Colorado Hardwood Floors does in home bids for hardwood floor refinishing. We are able to come out, look at your project area and really see the space we would be working in. We will take measurements, show you and educate you on the different design. For refinishing hardwood floors there is different stains, finishes and sheens. Once this is completed we will send a bid to you within 24 hours.

Colorado Hardwood will get you on the schedule after an estimate has been accepted. The day our crew is scheduled to arrive, plan on our team arriving at the home or business between 7:30 and 9am. Usually a typical hardwood floor refinish takes anywhere from 2-4 days start to finish depending on the size and complexity. All our crews use NWFA hardwood floor refinishing techniques and practices. By using these techniques we are able to ensure a great looking floor each and every time.

After we are done with the hardwood floor we like to do a walk thru with our customers and show them the work we have done. This ensures you are able to see the floor in its entirety before we leave. It also allows for you to ask any questions you might have about cleaning, maintenance, etc.

What is Dustless Hardwood Refinishing?

When you want to restore your traditional floors, dustless refinishing is the answer! Instead of using the typical process that creates clouds of dust that can linger long after we are done, Colorado Hardwood offers a special dustless hardwood refinishing option in Denver. Our process involves using a specialty vacuuming system to get rid of up to 99% of the dust that is created from the sanding step. Not only is this safer for the people living in the home, (especially if they have allergies or even asthma) but it also requires a much smaller cleanup step after it is all said and done.

Just like a traditional refinishing, homeowners have the option of choosing a new stain or sticking with the same color for your hardwood if you desire. By sanding down the old floor, we can smooth over dents, scratches, and even some of the stains that have accumulated from years of wear and tear. Those looking for a new style within their home but not willing to completely replace their floors (or that simply want to upcycle their current floor for a more environmentally friendly option) find that dustless hardwood refinishing is the perfect option.

Green Finishes

Whenever we can, we try to incorporate environmentally friendly practices. One thing that we can often easily incorporate into our refinishing process are green finishes. With the development of more and more eco-conscious options for finishes, less harmful chemicals are being used in our homes. Green finishes allow our customers to choose safer formulas and brands that ultimately benefit the planet in different ways.

In some finishes, we see less formaldehyde as well as VOCs and HAPs to reduce the allergic reactions people who are sensitive to chemicals can often have. Natural oils and waxes are coatings that are a good alternative to the often chemically centered solvents typically used. Water-based finishes are increasingly popular due to their durability and quality (plus, there is much less of a smell than regular finishes give off). When you are looking in to added ways to help the environment during your refinishing process, we can offer advice on which finishes are better than others, as well as which can be safer overall for those with sensitivities.

What to Expect from the Colorado Hardwood Floor team

No matter which service Colorado Hardwood Floors is providing, you can expect the highest quality results and a well-communicated team. Throughout every project we work on, our employees are guaranteed to be on time, respectful, tidy, and understanding of what you are looking for in terms of results. Because our team is constantly learning better ways to refinish floors (including staying up to date on the best products and machinery to use) you can always expect the very best service you can find in Denver.

Additionally, your refinished floor will be free of scratches, cracks will be filled, the flooring will be even and smooth, and it will have a beautiful shine. Our specialty vacuum system allows us to clean up our mess as we are making it, meaning your space will be left spotless and germ-free after we leave. While the entire process will only take 2 to 3 days, Colorado Hardwood is able to prepare your floor to be maintenance-free for 5 to 8 years (after which, a maintenance coat should be applied like with most hardwoods). From start to finish, you will know exactly what step we are on every day for the least amount of interruption to your home life possible.

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