Centennial Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Centennial Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado Hardwood Floors is a full service athletic wood flooring contractor and a residential flooring contractor. Our athletic flooring division has the experience to get the job done whether its maintenance, installation or refinishing. Our team works all over Colorado, servicing Centennial. 

One of the big differences in athletic wood flooring is the system, fixed and floating wood flooring systems are offered by all the different mills. These different systems have a variety of drawbacks and benefits, our team is well versed in these products and able to help you narrow down the type of systems that will work for you. The right system for your facility needs to fit your slab depression, work for your needs and fit your budget. Meeting each customer’s unique needs is part of our process and a vital part of working in this industry. 

We may be a construction company but our company focuses on also educating our customers. When a customer is educated on the products that are available they can make informed decisions. We want our customers to feel like they are in control of their project not being sold a product. Performance athletic flooring is a multilayer system that combines pads, plywood and maple flooring to create the “system”. These systems are more gentle on your joints, more comfortable to stand and play on and designed for indoor sports like basketball. The system is used to raise the floor off the concrete subfloor. Performance flooring is also used in yoga studios and dance floors to protect the athletes. 

Gym Floor Installation

When working in the performance flooring industry no job site is the same, one week we will be servicing a dance hall and the next we will be at a college installing their new gym floor. When refinishing floors in different spaces like these we see something new on each project. Our team works one on one with each customer to go over all their needs for their unique floor. An elementary school may request no logos but lots of courts for different PE activities while a university might want very few courts but large custom logos. The design process takes place before we are on site. This process allows you to create a custom floor layout with courts, logos, lettering, custom colors and stain elements. We have created very simple layouts with no logos to extensive layouts with staining, custom colors and more. If you can think of a design we can do it. Our team works all over Centennial refinishing gyms. 

Gym Floor Design, Stiping & Painting

Our design division is great at turning a customer’s ideas into a beautiful cohesive design. We create custom schematics with the different courts, any logos wanted, stain, and more. Our team includes an artist who can turn your existing logo into the right type of file or draw a new logo if needed. We present our customers with multiple design options to select from so they can see different versions of their ideas on paper. Once all revisions are made it’s time to select paint colors. Paint colors can be custom mixed if you need to perfectly match a school color. We take the design process very seriously to ensure the on site work moves forward without delays while custom stencils or paint are ordered. The more we can handle before our team is onsite the smoother the process is. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

After finalizing the layout and colors it’s time for our team to start the onsite work. We start every process with a site walk, this is when we ensure logo orientation, any other elements that weren’t included in the schematic and answer any questions. After the site walk we can start the sanding process. We use specialized sanders to sand the finish off and to flatten the floor. The sanding process takes a few days and really transforms the space. Then we apply sealer coats, after those are dry we get started with striping and painting. The painting process can take just a day for smaller areas or a few days for larger gyms. Once the paint is down and dry we can add the finish coats. The finish coats add the sparkle and shine to the floor. The process takes a lot of different skill sets but our team is trained to work our refinishes from start to finish, streamlining the process and helping our customers get their floor back quickly. 

While we are often installing and refinishing gyms we also help maintain them. Our most popular maintenance service is the buff and coat. A buff and coat is exactly what it sounds like- the floor is buffed and a new coat of finish is applied. This service needs to be done annually to ensure the gym is well protected and the floor is safe. Our maintenance division works in Centennial, CO. If you need to add a new logo, sponsor, or court to your floor you can do this during the buff and coat process. 

We service all types of wood flooring, not just basketball floors. We can also install, refinish and maintain dance floors, yoga stupids, racquetball courts, and other buildings. We have worked at grange halls, recreation centers and community centers. While these floors generally do not include designs and painting they still need sanding, maintaining and of course installation. 

Our team is passionate about our work in performance sport flooring and love to see the different layouts and designs our clients need for their floors. Each floor is different making the process feel less redundant and more exciting. We can’t wait to see your vision for your Centennial gym. 

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