Arvada Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Arvada Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado Hardwood Floors is an athletic wood flooring company that works in Arvada, CO. We are a full service company offering installation, refinishing and maintenance of athletic wood flooring. We are capable of installing all types of gym flooring including different mills and system types. 

Gym Floor Installation

Gym flooring installation is a different process than residential installation and our team is properly trained on athletic installation. The different systems require different steps and processes and we are well versed on both floating and fixed systems. Our goal when working with customers is to find the right solution for their gym flooring needs considering price, use and building conditions. When installing gym flooring there are set standards that need to be followed to achieve a good install which we adhere to and find ways to bring any building up to these standards. When working with schools and customers we are aware that cost is a big factor and have a few options to ensure we can meet almost any budget. 

Customers are often unsure what makes athletic flooring different from the flooring in their homes. When installing performance athletic flooring there is a lot more going on under the surface than you realize. Athletic flooring has an underlayment system that combines padding and plywood to create the bounce you feel on gym floors. These systems are designed to be comfortable and safe for athletes and ensure the basketball bounces properly. Performance flooring is flexible and kind on the joints, installing directly on the concrete would be very stiff and painful to play on. Dance centers and yoga studios also use this type of flooring to keep their athletes comfortable. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

Refinishing gym flooring is another of the services we provide. We refinish all sorts of floors like dance floors, stages, recreation centers and of course basketball courts. If you need any type of large scale wood flooring refinished, we provide that service. Refinishing wood flooring takes a variety of different trades and steps and we provide all of these. The design process is our favorite part of the gym refinishing process and we love hearing our clients ideas for their new floor. We work alongside our Arvada customers to find the perfect design for their gym. We don’t leave any detail out of the design process discussing colors, stain, finish types and of course logos. When we say we are full service we mean it, we even have artists that can help with logo creation if needed. We also provide all the stencils and painting as well as the standard sanding and finishing. We are a very detail orientated contractor and go over a lot of information before the process begins to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. Court layout is a big part of our focus and we want to make sure the layout of the courts is what a customer is wanting and they are aware of all the particulars. Once the customer has given us their vision we will turn that vision into a one of a kind layout for the customer to see and revise as needed. 

The labor portion of our project is really remarkable to see. We walk the facility with the client double checking all the court placements, logo orientation, paint colors and any other factors. After this we can get started with sanding. The sanding process takes a few passes over the entire court to remove all the old finish, the amount of passes varies based on the age of the gym and the amount of finish on the surface. The entire refinishing process is almost always completed in less than two weeks unless the gym is extremely large or there is another extenuating factor. We quickly take the floor from aged to fresh and new. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

While we focus a lot of energy on refinishing and installation it’s worth mentioning that we also provide maintenance services. Maintenance coats are commonly called a screen and coat or a buff and coat and are an important part of gym maintenance. This service includes buffing the surface of the gym and a fresh coat of finish being applied. The process is relatively simple for our team but is really vital for protecting your floor. Finish can become slippery with use and this ensures the floor has the right level of traction. Additionally we can add fresh paint during a maintenance coat, making this the perfect time to add an additional court or lines to the floor. Paint cannot be removed during this service because we are not refinishing the floor. 

Our focus has been mainly on gymnasium flooring but it’s important to note we service other types of athletic flooring in Arvada, CO. We have worked in yoga centers, on racquetball courts and in dance studios. Community centers are also common places that you will see large scale wood flooring. Refinishing, installing and maintaining these floors is something we do regularly. The process is almost identical to the work we do on gymnasium flooring without the painting and logos. 

We got started in construction with residential flooring but the expansion into athletic wood flooring has been a great move for Colorado Hardwood Floors. We have grown as a company and enjoy the change it has brought. We enjoy the different aspects of performance sport flooring like striping and design but still get to use the craft we learned in residential flooring. 

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