Cheyenne Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Cheyenne Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado Hardwood Floors specialize in both residential and athletic wood flooring. Our athletic division provides wood flooring installation, refinishing and maintenance. Our athletic wood flooring installers can install a variety of different hardwood flooring systems including both resilient and fixed systems. We service the entire state of Wyoming, including Cheyenne.

Gym Floor Installation

When installing gym flooring it is important to understand the different types of installation. Fixed and floating systems Are the two main categories with a variety of different options within those categories. The system that is used depends on the condition of the building, the use of the floor, and the budget.Hardwood flooring installers have to be much more than just construction workers, we have to be problem solvers as well. When working with gym flooring there can be a lot of different variables that need to be corrected to ensure a proper installation. More advanced systems can have high costs that are not necessary for elementary schools or other facilities. Performance sports flooring includes both the maple top layer and the underlayment system. The underlayment includes special pads that give the floor it’s bouncy feel. This flexibility is designed to work with sports like basketball and volleyball. Sports flooring systems improve both comfort and safety, protecting athletes joints.Performance sports flooring is also used for dance centers in yoga studios to improve the athletes comfort.

Gym Floor Refinishing

Colorado hardwood floors has worked in all sorts of different environments including different businesses in facilities to provide them with new flooring. Our refinishing team does all the required work including the art, painting, finishing, and even the design work. Our work is in businesses, colleges, private residence, and much more. We start every new project with a design meeting either on site or over zoom. This meeting is when we find out exactly what our client is looking for on their court. Once we have the design elements we create custom schematics for our clients to review and revise. We work in Cheyenne as well as the rest of Wyoming and love seeing different parts of the state while working on gym floors.

Gym Floor Design

The design process for gym flooring is something we enjoy a great deal. We begin our project with a design consultation that allows customers to choose what elements they would like in their floor. Elements include stain, colors, logos and artwork, and additional elements like PE lines and wood grading.We turn these elements into digital renderings of the court. These renderings allow customers to see their design and make any revisions needed and then we order stencils to be used on your floor. Our renderings are one of a kind and unique to each customer. There is no limitation to how elaborate or simple these renderings can be, it is all the customer makes it tobe.

On the day our project begins we schedule a walk-through with whomever Is representing the school. This meeting is when we ensure all aspects of the floor are approved and ready for application. We also go over any questions, timeline, concerns, and get the layout signed off on. Then it is time to begin the sanding process. Sanding off previous coats of finish brings the maple back to its former glory. This process is amazing to watch and see how much brighter the floor can be when the age to finish is removed. Gym flooring is sanded with large drum sanders while residential flooring is commonly sanded with a belt sander. Drum sanders can be much more aggressive and need to be operated by professionals. Gym sanding is not the time for a DIY project, the process is complex and many of the materials are volatile. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

Our team also provides maintenance services for athletic facilities. You may hear the service is referred to as maintenance coats, buff and coat, or screen and coats.Our Cheyenne customers are loyal users of these services. Maintenance coats both protect the floor and keep it safe. Flooring finish needs to meet certain slip coefficient markers to be safe for sport usage, a fresh coat of finish each year can ensure your floor is safe to play on. Additionally maintenance codes protect the wood from damage, ensuring the lifespan of your floor. We also add paint during these maintenance services when requested by our customers, but we cannot remove paint.

We cover a lot about athletic wood flooring in the gymnasium application but there are other applications to remember as well. Fitness centers, dance halls, yoga studios and indoor courts like squash or racquetball are also common places we work. These floors need the same care as a gym floor. They also work in large scale wood flooring like meeting places, community centers, grange halls and more. We often don’t need to paint these floors but still sand them and refinish them. Large areas of wood flooring like a meeting hall are sanded differently than a residence. Working with a company like Colorado Hardwood Floors ensures your floor will be sanded properly. 

Our history and residential flooring paved the way for our athletic division. We use our craftsmanship and focus on detail to create beautiful one-of-a-kind gym floors. We enjoy the creative outlet and unique feel each day that athletic flooring gives us. Our team loves visiting Cheyenne Wyoming on the job.

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