Hardwood Installation

Denver Hardwood Floor Installation

Installing hardwood can really transform a room. New hardwood installation can mold to any design style making it a timeless addition. Wood isn’t a new trend in flooring, its been a popular choice for hundreds of years. Wood flooring is durable, beautiful and a great value. Hardwood isn’t one size fits all, it comes in an endless amount of options when you combine different species, stains, finishes and plank sizes.

When choosing a hardwood flooring installer you should look for a company that adheres to the strict polices the NWFA sets. The NWFA is designed to protect tradesman as well as homeowners. Our employees are trained in both installation and finishing techniques. With countless years of experience amongst our team and a list of satisfied customers we know you will feel confident in your choice to have our team work on your flooring project. We have the expertise and experience to be true craftsman of the hardwood industry. We provide our customers with beautiful installation because of our experience and training and well as our desire to provide a forever floor to our customers.

When installing hardwood flooring you need to follow strict guidelines to really provide a forever floor. Nailing properly, following nailing schedules, using proper gluing techniques and other factors create a perfect installation job. When installation is done properly and your floor is cared for properly it can last for 100 years or more. While we cant keep for your kids from damaging the floor or your pets from scratching it we can keep it from shifting or gapping excessively. We want your floor to be a treasure in your home that doesn’t require worry or concern.


Why Use CHF for Your Denver Hardwood Floor Installation

Being a small, local business in Denver allows us to personally manage all of our projects with our knowledgeable team. With over 23 years of combined experience in the hardwood flooring industry, our goal is to complete flooring that matches our customers’ tastes to a “T.” We put an emphasis on professionalism and high-quality craftmanship in everything we do for the benefit of our customers.

Our employees are specially trained (and are continuously learning new techniques and best equipment use according to NWFA) to provide top quality work that our customers can enjoy for decades to come. Not only are we highly qualified, but we are completely focused on the needs of our customers. Each project we bid has a unique plan created and strategized to benefit the customer and provide the best work. Because we follow the National Wood Flooring Association’s strict standards for flooring, all of our projects are guaranteed to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We are your local flooring experts, with the strongest eye for detail you will find in the Denver area.

The Hardwood Floor Installation Process

From the moment you contact Colorado Hardwood Floors for a hardwood flooring installation we ensure a great experience. Our first step in the process of a hardwood floor install is to come meet you, see the space you want work done in and see what the overall feel of the house is. Hardwood is a very specific trade that needs a caring company to ensure the perfect combination of luster, durability and expectations. The bid is usually an hour long process that goes over how our company does things start to finish as well as the process of installation of hardwoods.

Once the job is scheduled and everything is agreed upon, we begin the work on the specified day. The work is done by qualified professionals who will ensure a great, wonderful installation of your new hardwood. To ensure a great installation of your new hardwood we only use the best practices put fourth by the NWFA. A hardwood floor installation should last the lifetime of a house. Wood floors are one of the most sustainable options for flooring in a home.

Once the work is completed we like to do a walk-thru and show you the work that has been done. This allows us to educate you on taking care of the floor & maintenance of the new hardwood floor installation. A walk-thru brings closure to the job. This also allows you, the customer, to ask any questions you might have!

Much like the process for hardwood refinishing, we follow a simple multi-step procedure for your hardwood installation. The first step is getting a quote created for your project. During this step, we will visit your home to properly analyze the amount of materials needed and any special notes to make. We will discuss what it is you are looking for in a flooring and prepare options to choose from that we believe will best suit your needs and budget. Once we have agreed on a strategy, we will collaborate with you on the perfect time to install your flooring. Within this time, two weeks are built in to get your flooring properly acclimated for best installation practices.

After the hardwood is ready to be installed, our team shows up early on the first day to reiterate the plan with you. Colorado Hardwood employees will answer any questions or concerns you may have, and then we start our installation process. Because installation can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days, we make it a point to touch base with you every day to show our progress. When the installation is done, we will go through a final walk through of the area with you to show you the end result and ensure we have cleaned all materials from the site.

Expectations of CHF For Hardwood Installations

As with all of our services, our customers can always expect our employees to be on time and ready to work. Our team is prepared to answer any and all questions you may have about your hardwood installation throughout the entire process. Colorado Hardwood employees are trained to keep the utmost care when it comes to installation, and that requires using the best flooring nails and glue when needed. Floorboards will be tightly installed to reduce the amount of cracks between them to the best of our ability. With our expertise, your flooring will perfectly mold to doorways, wall slants, and hallways.

Although hardwood installation creates much less dust than hardwood refinishing, you can expect us to properly handle this dust to minimize the amount that is allowed in the air. We understand the sensitivities some people can have to sawdust and prepare accordingly. Getting our materials ready for your home is paramount to extending the life of your hardwood, which is why we acclimate the wood in order to minimize expansion once its installed in your home.

Installation Expectations

  • Follow guidelines set by NWFA
  • Cleanup behind themselves each day
  • Boarders are installed properly at hearth or fireplace
  • Installation is tight
  • High Quality wood mill products only
  • Use glue as needed

What to Expect

  • On Time
  • Answer questions and responds to concerns
  • Follows NWFA standards

Exotic vs. Domestic

For the most part, we tend to recommend domestic hardwoods as the most durable, stable option for your home rather than exotic hardwoods. Throughout our in-home consultation, we will provide you with multiple options of hardwood to choose from based on your style, preferences, and color scheme. Most commonly, our customers tend to use walnut, hickory, oak, cherry, and maple hardwoods. Each have their different benefits and drawbacks. For example, while walnut is a more expensive option, it tends to be resistant to chipping, extremely durable, and will not warp. Hickory is lighter in color and can stand up to extended wear while holding onto a natural look.

Oak and maple both are great options for people that like to change up their home’s style a lot as they tend to blend with a variety of personalities. And finally, cherry is a wonderful option for those looking for an option that does not show quite as much dust or dirt and lends to some amazing acoustics. Because these hardwood options can have many of the same benefits, it can be easy to confuse them with each other. Colorado Hardwood experts are prepared to break down the pros and cons of each to recommend the perfect hardwood for your family and home in Denver.

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