Lakewood Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Lakewood Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Athletic flooring is one of Colorado Hardwood Floors specialities, servicing the Lakewood area. We work with a variety of different mills installing their speciality wood flooring systems as well as refinishing athletic wood flooring. We install all types of athletic flooring systems which includes speciality systems like fixed and floating systems. We repair and maintain athletic wood flooring as well.

Gym Floor Installation

Installation of gym flooring is not as simple as laying down wood flooring, additionally there is an extensive underlayment system that must be installed as well. The two main types of underpayment systems include fixed and floating systems and there are a few different variants within these main groups. Colorado hardwood floors has installed both these types of underlayment systems and has the experience to get the job done right. We work alongside all sorts of different businesses and schools and have found solutions for all different flooring needs. When arriving on a jobsite we commonly find obstacles that need to be addressed like depression issues, access issues for doorways and other problems we need to find solutions for. We are proud of our team’s ability to come up with practical solutions to these issues so we can give our customers the floor they want. We install a lot of these systems in school gyms for indoor sports but also install sprung floors for dance studios or yoga centers. Performance gym flooring is a great way to increase safety for your athletes. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

Gym flooring is so widely used, We have worked with a huge variety of different facilities and businesses including athletic centers, private businesses, homeowners, schools, and community centers. Refinishing a gym begins with sanding the gym to remove the old finish and bring the maple back to smooth even condition. Overtime floors can cup and crown and lose the even consistent surface it was originally. Refinishing is a multifaceted project and after sanding we move on to different specialities like court striping and logo application. The design of the gym is a really fun part of the project and allows us to take the creative vision our clients have and bring it to life. Our team is skilled in the different skills needed to complete a refinish making us a one stop shop for your flooring project, you wont need to bring in a designer or artist. 

Gym Floor Design, Striping & Painting

Our Lakewood, CO customers love that they can trust us to complete the project from design to completion and don’t have to manage different teams of contractors. The team works in depth with our customer helping to design beautiful gym floors and turn those designs into a real floor. Customers are often overwhelmed by the process and we do our best to break the project down into smaller pieces to help them with design, starting first with the needs of their gym and then moving into art, design elements and finally choosing colors. In an effort to include our customers as much as possible in the process we also start every project with a walk through, going over the process, design and finalizing any details. We repeat the walk through process after all the courts are down and any artwork has been painted to ensure the customer is satisfied with the work before the final coats are applied and the gym is finished. The final walk through is a really fun process because we get to see our customer’s excitement over their brand new floor. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

While we do a lot of installation and refinishing we also provide maintenance services. Maintenance coats, buff and coats or screen and coats are all names for the same process in which we buff a floor and add a fresh coat of finish. This process is considered yearly maintenance and many of our Lakewood clients have us come back annually to keep their floor in pristine condition. When providing this service we are not sanding the floor to bare wood so artwork and lines are not able to be removed but we can add new lines and logos if needed. If your school has added a new sport or the rules have changed for the court lines we are happy to look at options for adding new paint during annual maintenance. Gyms often need new coating to make sure the floor doesn’t wear prematurely and to keep the floor’s slip coefficient at the right level. The floor looks refreshed too which is an added bonus. 

When we started working in athletic flooring designing new gyms was the highlight of each project and it still is. We love hearing our customers’ ideas for their gym floor and turning those into reality. We start each design meeting by asking our customers what they want for their floor, we want to hear all your ideas and then figure out how to best present them. We have had customers who want simple designs with no logos while others want elaborate painting and stained details. There is very little we can’t do when it comes to gym design and we have even brought in airbrush artists to create custom paint that goes beyond our normal work. One the design has been decided on we create schematics so you can see how the floor will look and ensure it is what you envision. Once the layout is determined we can get to work finding the right paint colors, creating custom paint or matching colors when needed. 

 Commonly when we talk about athletic wood flooring we are talking about basketball court flooring or gym flooring but there are other applications that also use wood flooring. Yoga studios and dance studios are also common applications of athletic wood flooring. Recreation centers, meeting halls and dance halls are also places we need athletic wood flooring. We work with customers in these types of facilities regularly as well. The process often doesn’t include painting and design work but still includes sanding, finishing, repairs and maintenance. 


We have worked hard to make the Colorado Hardwood Floors name synonymous with quality and are proud of the reputation we have in both residential and athletic flooring. As contractors the creativity and variability associated with athletic flooring makes it a really fun process for us. Each floor is so unique it talks a lot of the monotony out of our work. Additionally traveling around coloradomtomllaces like Lakewood makes our job interesting and a great way to get to know all the great cities in Colorado. It’s amazing how a little sanding paint and finish can transform an entire room but a new gym floor does just that. 

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