Denver Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Denver Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado Hardwood Floors is a leading athletic floor contractor in Denver. We provide a variety of athletic wood flooring services. We install new gyms including gyms with speciality systems, refinishing athletic flooring and provide maintenance services like buff and coats and repairs. We do this type of work for residential and commercial!

Gym Floor Installation

Denver Installing gym flooring can be done in a variety of different ways. We work with both fixed and floating systems. In our years of experience we have problem solved and found solutions for unique systems in older buildings and found ways to meet the needs and budgets of schools that cannot put in a sprung gym floor.  Performance gym flooring or sprung gym floors use a cushion and underlayment system to give the floor cushion and flexibility that makes them ideal for sports like basketball and volleyball. The floor has more give with these systems than a traditional wood floor increasing safety and comfort. These systems are popular for gymnasiums but also are ideal for yoga and dance studios. 

Areas we offer Gym Floor Installation: Denver, Boulder, Wyoming

Gym Floor Refinishing

Denver Gym flooring installation can be accomplished in various ways, including fixed and floating systems. With our extensive experience, we have tackled challenges such as unique systems in older buildings and budgetary constraints of schools that cannot install a sprung gym floor. Sprung gym floors or performance gym flooring utilize cushioning and underlayment to provide flexibility and cushioning, which is advantageous for sports like basketball and volleyball. Compared to traditional wood floors, these systems offer more give, thus enhancing safety and comfort. While popular for gymnasiums, they are also suitable for dance and yoga studios.

Areas we offer Gym Floor Refinishing: Denver, Boulder, Wyoming

Gym Floor Maintenance

Our athletic services include maintenance coats in Denver, also known as buff and coats or screen and coats. This yearly service is popular among Colorado gyms as it helps protect the investment made in their gym flooring and maintain the proper slip coefficient levels. During maintenance coats, we do not remove any existing logos, paint, or finish, but we can add design elements if desired. This is also a great opportunity to add new lines if you are adding new sports courts to your gym.

Areas we offer Gym Floor Maintenance: Denver, Boulder, Wyoming

Gym Floor Design

At our company in Denver, we take great pleasure in the design aspect of the process. We love creating unique, custom floor designs for our clients during installations and refinishing. By blending elements such as stain, paint, logos, and finish, we can make your floor a standout feature. Our team of graphic designers can transform your school’s logo into a stunning element of your floor. We also have the ability to match virtually any color, and have even worked with universities to match pantones to ensure exact color matches for their logos.

While we often discuss athletic flooring in the context of gymnasiums and basketball courts, it’s important to note that our wood flooring is suitable for many other applications as well. Dance studios, yoga studios, recreation centers, grange halls, and other meeting places can all benefit from athletic wood flooring. Even if these floors don’t require design and paint work, regular refinishing and maintenance is crucial for their longevity.

Athletic Floors in Denver

Colorado Hardwood Floors may have started as a residential flooring company but we really love the athletic side of the industry and enjoy the creative license and freedom painting custom courts gives us. We also enjoy that athletic flooring brings us to new places in our great state of Colorado and specifically Denver. We know that a new gym floor can have a huge impact on a team, school and even on a town and it’s a wonderful experience to be involved in these projects.

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