Centennial Pickleball Courts

Centennial Pickleball Courts

The fastest growing sport in the US right now is pickleball and Centennial residents are all in on this fun game. Pickleball is popular in a variety of different age groups and the smaller court makes it so more players can play compared to tennis. Pickleball lines can be added to an existing tennis court to turn that surface into a multi-sport court. Pickleballs smaller footprint makes it more desirable to add to tennis clubs, community centers and even backyards. The pad for a pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, a 30′ x 60′ pad will suffice but a 34′ x 64′ pad is the ideal size. A pickleball court is just 20′ x 40′. 

Colorado Hardwood Floors can aid in all types of sport court projects including the installation of a new pickleball court. The athletic division at Colorado Hardwood Floors has taken their sport court knowledge off the basketball court and applied it to a variety of different sport court mediums. The coating and striping of a basketball court lend themselves well to the coating and striping of a tennis or pickleball court. The surface type you choose for your pickleball court will depend on a variety of factors, we would be happy to help you decide what material is right for you. When surfacing a pickleball court there are options beyond the coatings, you also get to custom select colors. Pickleball courts can be as wild or as tame as you want them to be but a fun color can really make the space. Some Centennial residents even show their Colorado pride by adding blue, red and yellow like our state flag. 

We can also add new stripes to existing tennis courts, adding the lines for a pickleball court or just adding fresh paint to the surface. A fresh coating is needed to properly maintain your sports court over time and can be the perfect time to add a pickleball court to an existing tennis court. Resurfacing sports courts is an undertaking but it’s a necessary part of maintaining the surface. Pickleball courts have a unique surface that creates traction to stop players from slipping, this cohesion can alter over time and resurfacing will be necessary. Resurfacing a pickleball court is also needed to help keep cracks at bay and keep the integrity of the court intact. 

Colorado Hardwood Floors also repairs existing pickleball courts in Centennial. The coating on a tennis or pickleball court can crack and lift, causing the court to become unsafe. Cracks can be tripping hazards but we can repair these cracks and get you back on the court. Additionally the coating can wear away causing the surface to become too slick for safe play. Court repairs are a great way to give an existing court new life. 

Our team at Colorado Hardwood Floors is an ideal resource for repairing, maintaining and installing new pickleball courts. Pickleball courts are the perfect addition to a park, tennis club or even a backyard. The demand for pickleball courts is high and they can make an old tennis court the hot spot again. No matter the scope of your project, Colorado Hardwood Floors is here to help. 

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