Fort Collins Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Fort Collins Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

The team at Colorado Hardwood Floors does not just offer beautiful residential wood flooring, we also specialize in athletic wood flooring. We are an athletic wood flooring contractor offering full service installation, refinishing and maintenance services in the Fort Collins area. Our installation services are full service including the installation of any speciality system, wood installation, sanding, striping, logos and finishing. We can provide installation services for both floating and fixed systems. 

About Gym Floor Systems

When looking at gym flooring systems you will notice most fit into two key types, fixed and floating systems. These system types each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks and architects often choose a system based on key factors. When working with a school we will consider the building’s condition, the gyms main use, budget and any other pertinent factors to determine the right system type. Additionally we will work with our customer and the manufacturer to come up with solutions to any issues that may be present in a gym floor like a larger than normal depression in the slab, subfloor variants, or blocking for bleachers. Depending on the age of a building the subfloor system may be different from current buildings, we have solutions for these sorts of situations as well. When we combine our know-how and some ingenuity there is no problem we can’t find a solution for. While we want to provide the best product to each customer we also know the budget can be a concern, we are able to find a great system for nearly any budget. 

Customers often are curious what makes athletic flooring different from residential flooring. From the surface it probably doesn’t look much different but the underlayment system is vastly different than what you find in a home. The underlayment system includes cushions that give the floor a little bounce or give that you won’t find in homes. We don’t install gym flooring straight onto the subfloor like residential flooring. The subfloor in gyms is generally concrete and this would make the floor incredibly hard and susceptible to water damage. Instead there is an elaborate underlayment system that builds the floor up off the concrete and adds the cushion needed for indoor sports. These systems are great for sports like basketball and volleyball which are high impact, the floor is much more comfortable to jump and run on with these systems. Many gymnasiums have these systems but yoga studios and dance centers are also starting to use these performance systems. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

When working in athletic flooring you work with a wide variety of facilities like dance halls, recreation centers, schools and much more. We have even worked with homeowners installing private basketball courts in their basements. Refinishing athletic flooring allows us to see a lot of different types of floors ranging from a huge university basketball court to a small racquetball court in a fitness center. Refinishing flooring is a remarkable process and the transformation never ceases to amaze our customers. When refinishing we are not just wood guys, we are designers, painters and artists. Working in all these different disciplines means we are a one stop shop for all your gym flooring needs. The first step with a new client is the design process, we prefer to do this in person to really get the feel for the customers interests but zoom is also an option for our Fort Collins clients. The design process is about both aesthetics and use, covering the logos and artwork but also the courts needed and any additional features.  We also cover design elements in these meetings to ensure the court includes all the elements they are hoping for. Our team creates custom schematics of the floor to present the client and allow them to choose the perfect look for their project. Customers love this process and really enjoy seeing their one of a kind design. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

When its time for your project to begin we also begin with a project walk. We will walk your gym floor with the lead on your project and make sure all details are confirmed and all questions are answered. We like to double check logo orientation, the location of courts and double check all colors are correct and design elements are approved. We ensure the design is full approved and then begin the work. It takes us just a few working days to take a gym from old and ambered to bright and new. Sanding the floor down to the raw maple allows the beauty of the wood grain to show again. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

Our team does much more than just refinishing, we also provide maintenance. Screen and coats are a great way to ensure your floor lasts for years and years to come. We love that our Fort Collins customers see the value in routine maintenance and entrust that process to us. Adding a fresh coat of finish to your gym protects the wood, ensures the floor does not become too slippery and adds a bright shine back to the floor. We cannot remove lines during this process but adding courts is an option. 


Gym Floor Striping, Paint & Design

The design process is a really creative and enjoyable part of our project. We love meeting with excited clients who are bursting with ideas about how they want their new floor to look. We go over a list of needs for their floor and a list of wants. Court lines, division logos, and PE elements are needs for a gym floor while  custom art and staining are generally wants. While we work on the design we don’t just focus on the pretty parts, we also go over the layout and how you want the courts to sit for best use. Our team will create a few different versions of a school’s design so the client can make selections for their floor. We can tweak colors, sizing and other elements to make the perfect floor. Our stencil artist can draw custom logos if a client does not have their own artwork. After the design process we will need to find paint options, making custom paint when needed. The only limit when it comes to a gym floor is your imagination, they truly become works of art by the time our clients are done with them.

We focus a lot of energy on gym flooring but that is not the only type of athletic flooring we work with, we also provide services for dance flooring, yoga studios, racquetball courts and much more. Anywhere large scale hardwood flooring is used we can help. While we may not be striping these floors they need sanding and refinishing like any other wood flooring. 

Our team has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of becoming skilled athletic flooring contractors and know that the Colorado hardwood floors difference will ensure a beautiful finished product. We love seeing gyms transform with the refinishing process and it gives our whole team a great sense of accomplishment. Seeing different parts of Colorado like beautiful Fort Collins is another great part of working in gym flooring. 


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