Highlands Ranch Pickleball Court

Highlands Ranch Pickleball Court

Pickleball has become the hot sport in Highlands Ranch, players love the fast paced action and low equipment cost. Pickleball is played by all ages and the smaller court makes it easier to add a pickleball court to homes, neighborhood facilities and tennis clubs. Pickleball lines can be added easily to existing tennis courts too making those facilities multi use. Homeowners love that the pad for a pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court making it easier to add to their yards. Pickleball courts need to be at least 30′ x 60′ feet but 34′ x 64′ is the ideal area. The court itself is 20′ x 40′ with the extra area used as a buffer. 

If you are looking for a new construction pickleball court Colorado Hardwood Floors can help. Our athletic division has branched out from just maple gym installation and can use the skills we learned coating and striping basketball courts to make beautiful tennis courts. There are a variety of different surfaces for pickleball courts and we would love to talk with you about these options. Our team can also help you choose custom colors for your pickleball or tennis court. The color combinations are endless and can be a fun option for adding a pop of color or adding your favorite sports teams colors to your court, blue and orange courts are popular in the Denver area. 

Our team can stripe an existing tennis court to add fresh lines, create a pickleball court or just freshen up the space. New coatings are a necessary maintenance step for sports courts and are the ideal time to convert an older tennis court into a pickleball court. Resurfacing tennis and pickleball courts is a big part of caring for your court.  Pickleball courts use a special material for the coating to create the right traction and to protect joints and keep players from slipping. Resurfacing pickleball courts also protects the integrity of the court, keeping cracks from turning into structural issues. 

Repairing existing pickleball courts is another service Colorado Hardwood Floors provides its Highlands Ranch customers. Court coatings can lift and crack, causing tripping hazards and an unsafe playing surface. Areas of the court may wear down and become slippery. Repairing these areas of the court can make an unuseable court safe to use again. 

Colorado Hardwood Floors is a great resource for installing, repairing and maintaining a pickleball court. Pickleball courts are such a fun addition to your backyard, tennis club or park. Pickleball courts are in demand and are such a fun way to make a tennis court more desirable. If you are ready to add fresh lines to an existing court or want to get underway on installing a brand new court we are here to help.

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