Parker Pickleball Court

Parker Pickleball Court

The sport taking the US by storm is pickleball and Parker has gotten in on the craze. Pickleball has a cult following and players of all different ages love the game. The small sized courts make it easier to add courts to parks and backyards and more people fit in less space than a tennis court. Tennis courts can be converted to multi-sport courts with the addition of pickleball lines. The smaller courts appeal to tennis clubs, country clubs and homeowners alike. The court is 20′ x 40′ and can be placed on a pad as small as 30′ x 60′. 

Colorado Hardwood Floors has an athletic department that works on a variety of different sport court projects including new pickleball court installations. The athletic division started with basketball court installation, striping and coating and has been able to use those skills in other applications like the striping and coating of a pickleball court. When installing a new pickleball court you will need to consider the surface coating options, our team is knowledgeable on these options and would love to work with you on selecting the perfect coating for your facility. After selecting a coating type you will also need to select the colors for your court. Some facilities choose a tame green and white court while others go bold and bright. Parker residents are known to even show their university pride and utilize their school’s colors for their court design. 

We don’t just install new courts, we also add stripes, new courts and fresh coatings to existing courts. A fresh resurfacing is the ideal way to bring an old and faded court back to live. This maintenance is necessary to keep any sports court safe and ready to play on. Resurfacing a tennis court is a big project but our team has the tools necessary and the skill to get the job done fast. Pickleball courts need a smooth playing surface free of cracks and humps. Additionally the traction of the court is a big reason that maintenance is needed. If the court becomes too slippery someone could get hurt, resurfacing the court keeps the traction of the court at the right level. Resurfacing a pickleball court can help cut down on more costly maintenance down the line. 

Colorado Hardwood Floors offers repair surfaces for pickleball courts. Many Parker residents use Colorado Hardwood Floors to service their backyard pickleball courts. Cracks and lifting are common issues with pickleball or tennis courts and our team can help correct these issues. Cracks can be huge tripping hazards and may even render a court unplayable if left unrepaired. Court repairs bring old faded coats back to life. 

Colorado Hardwood Floors is your Pickleball court contact. We install new courts, repair and maintain existing courts and offer striping options. Pickleball courts make a great addition to your neighborhood, park or tennis club. Pickleball courts are in high demand and are a great way to make a tennis court more useful. We can help with any size project from a small repair to a full installation. 

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