Aurora Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Aurora Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Our team at Colorado Hardwood Floors is skilled in all types of flooring including athletic wood flooring. We install new athletic flooring, resand or refinish and maintain athletic flooring. Our installers are trained in all types of athletic flooring including different systems like fixed or floating. We work all over the great state of Colorado including Aurora. 

Gym Floor Installation

When installing gym flooring there is not just one, there are a variety of different styles. Commonly you will here contractors talk about fixed and floating systems for gym flooring. We work with our clients to find a solution that meets their needs including cost, use of the floor, and the existing conditions if we are installing in a space that is already standing. When working in this field you cannot just install flooring, you also have to problem solve and find solutions for unique situations. Slab depression is a common hiccup when installing a floor and we have some great methods for resolving these issues. When working with clients we understand not everyone has the same budget, it is important to discuss the budget before choosing a system because more elaborate systems may sound great but can be very costly. We have solutions for almost any issue and a system for almost any budget. When installing a new gym you will find that performance sports flooring is not just maple flooring, it is an elaborate underpayment system that includes padding that creates a floor with give. The sports systems are designed to flex and give under pressure making them a great playing surface for sports like basketball or volleyball. Gym floor systems are designed for safety but also make the floor more comfortable to play on. We commonly install these systems in gyms designed for basketball or other indoor sports but they can be used in dance halls, on stages and in yoga studios.

Gym Floor Refinishing

We work with so many different types of clients when providing refinishing services. The team does all of the different stages of the refinish from the first design meeting to the final coat. When working in the gym as a refinisher you have to wear a lot of hats, you have to be a designer, artist, painter, sander, and a finisher. Our team works with school districts, athletic directors, athletic gyms, colleges, city centers and so much more. When starting the refinishing process we first sit down with the client and get their list of important factors including court layouts, art work, colors, design elements, changes to current layout and much more. We can do these meetings in person or over zoom, making them as easy for our client as possible. Our clients often have a few design elements they want to include in their floor layout like specialty colors, a school mascot or stain. After our meeting we work to create a custom design and love presenting these to the client. It’s a great part of the job, being able to show them the concept they dreamt up on paper and ready for us to install. We can work all over the state giving clients one of a kind gyms but love working in Aurora. 

On the day your project begins we will arrive at your facility for you to walk the gym with our foreman. This is when we will ensure we have all the elements correct, logos are orientated the proper direction, all courts have been included, and get final approval on the design. We then answer any questions, give the client a brief rundown on the timeline and then get to work. The transformation that takes place in only a few short days is really exciting to watch. The maple can be showcased again and years of aged finish is removed.

Gym Floor Maintenance

We don’t just offer installations and refinished, we also do maintenance services for wood flooring. A maintenance cost, buff and coat or screen and cost is a way to help protect your floor and keep it safe. Our Aurora clients have been well educated on the importance of proper maintenance to protecting their investment. A screen and coat adds a fresh layer of finish, keeping the floor safe from becoming too slippery and adding another layer of protection. While we can’t remove lines during this process, they can be added and it’s a great time to add additional courts, lines and even logos.

Gym Floor Design & Paint

The designing process is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun. We always start this process by talking with our client during a design consultation to find out what they want in a floor. We go over all the elements of the floor, the wood grading, staining, colors, finish types, logos, courts, orientation of the layout and any other factors our client needs. We take all the information from the design meeting and create a one of a kind layout for our client, showing them a variety of different options like different logos, different baseline text, variations of the colors and more. We expect our client to make revisions, adding and removing elements as they see fit until they find the perfect design for their gym. After the layout is set we work on colors, customizing colors as needed to match the school’s logo. We have never done the same floor twice because there are so many unique options for creating custom floors. 

Our focus when it comes to athletic flooring is almost always gymnasiums and courts but their are other types of athletic flooring we also do. We work with fitness centers, yoga studios, dance schools and other places that utilize athletic flooring. Meeting halls and rec centers are another place you might see large scale wood flooring. These floors need care, refinishing and maintenance but often don’t need the painting and design work a gym does. 

At Colorado Hardwood Floors we have worked hard to know the ends and outs of residential flooring and have poured that same attention for detail into our athletic division. We love seeing these large scale projects take shape and you can beat the sense of accomplishment when you finish projects of this size. We also love that it’s always something new, the days seem shorter when you aren’t stuck in the same pattern day in and day out. We are excited to work with you at your Aurora, CO gym. 

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