Colorado Springs Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado Springs Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

At Colorado Hardwood Floors we know the ins and outs of athletic flooring in the Colorado Springs area. Our team can install a variety of different athletic wood flooring systems and provide a variety of other wood flooring services like refinishing. When it comes to installation we can work with any type of system, including speciality systems. We also offer maintenance services and repairs for athletic flooring. 

When it comes to installing a gym floor there is not just one option, there are a few different main system types with a variety of different features and options. Our company is experienced with both fixed and floating systems and have worked with a variety of these products. When working with different schools and facilities we often run into unique obstacles like larger or smaller than average depressions or unique foundation issues. We work hard to find solutions for these unique issues so we can provide our customers great flooring no matter their facility type. Commonly athletic flooring with an underlayment system is used in a gymnasium for basketball but can also be used in yoga studios or dance studios. Performance gym flooring is designed to increase both safety and comfort for players. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

Our team has worked with a ton of different types of facilities like schools, gyms, community centers and businesses. When refinishing a gym we remove the layers of old finish, creating a beautiful new floor that meets all your needs. When refinishing a gym there is not just one element that we focus on, instead we work in a variety of disciplines like sanding, painting and design. Our team works with customers to help them design a gym that looks exactly how they dreamed while still including all the courts they need. Logos and artwork are a fun part of our work and we love how they can transform a gym.Colorado Hardwood Floors works all over the state of Colorado including Colorado Springs. Our team travels for gym projects, working with customers from the design process to the final quote. The process can be a bit intimidating for our customers so we make sure to keep you informed the whole way through. We arrive on site and walk the gym with our client going over the steps we will take, ensuring the design is correct and answering any questions. We complete the walk through process again before the final coats are applied to ensure we have met our customers expectations and that they are happy with the project. Our customers are always amazed by the way a gym transforms when the old finish is removed and fresh paint and finish are applied. 

Gym Floor Maintenance Coating & Painting

Maintenance coats are another gym service we provide. You may call a maintenance coat a buff and coat or a screen and coat. This should ideally be done yearly and many of our Colorado Springs clients have us on their annual maintenance schedule to keep their gym looking good. Maintenance coats are not just about aesthetics, they are also a great way to protect the investment you made in your gym and to ensure the slip coefficient is still correct. We can add new lines to a floor during this process but cannot remove logos or paint. If a new rule means your court needs a new line to stay within the rules we can add this line during your annual maintenance. We can also add entire new courts if you want to add pickleball or auxiliary courts to your gym. 

Gym Floor Design

We love the design process and have so much fun meeting with clients and designing their gyms. When we take on an installation or refinishing project we get to create a design for those projects. We meet with our customers and go over the different elements they want to include in their project which can range from custom logos, to stained art work, custom paint and even the use of different finishes to create a color variation. Working with our team we create a custom schematic of our clients gym floor including the elements requested. We can use your school’s logo, other artwork and any other design elements you want, the sky’s the limit. Our team can also custom match pantones or work with our clients to find the right shade for your school’s colors. 

We have discussed the gymnasium application of athletic flooring a lot, because it is the most common but we also work with other applications beyond basketball courts. Athletic wood flooring can be seen in grange halls, recreation centers, yoga studios, dance halls or dance studios and many other meeting falls. These floors don’t commonly need design or paint work but do need refinishing. We work with these types of facilities as well for installation, refinishing and maintenance. 

While Colorado Hardwood Floors built their reputation as a residential flooring company we are working to have a name for ourselves in the athletic flooring industry as well. Athletic flooring gives us a lot of freedom for creativity, and we love the freedom it provides from the mundane. When every floor is unique each day feels exciting. Beyond the work being different, traveling around Colorado Springs working lets us see different parts of our great state and we love that about this line of work. Gym flooring can really transform your school and we are so excited to see how much our clients love their new floor. 

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