Westminster Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Westminster Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

At Colorado Hardwood Floors we work on both residential and athletic wood flooring. We began as a residential contractor and have added athletic wood flooring as a way to expand our horizons and serve more customers. When adding athletic wood flooring we wanted to make sure our team had experience, training and all the necessary skills to complete the project. We are proud of our Westminster athletic flooring team and all they have accomplished. We work with any wood athletic flooring including a variety of different mills. 

Gym Floor Installation

Our athletic division works with fixed and floating systems allowing us to complete any project and work with nearly any product. Mills create different systems that fall into the fixed and floating subcategories, we partner with these mills to ensure we install these products to their specifications. When working on site we often run into variances that need to be addressed, we are your resource for solutions to any issue that might arise onsite. When working with a customer deciding what flooring would be the right choice for them we start by discussing the budget. Budget is generally the biggest concern for our customers, followed by their needs for their floor like certain requirements for sports. 

Our main job is being a flooring contractor but as a full service company we also serve as our customers educators. We share our knowledge about wood flooring to help customers best understand their options and the products available.   The underlayment systems that make athletic floors unique is a complicated system that may be completely foreign to our customers, this is where our relationship with different mills and experience comes in. The systems are designed to give the floor some bounce and flexibility that it would not get if installed directly on the concrete subfloor. Performance flooring is designed for sports like basketball and volleyball and is vital for protecting athletes joints. The system is unwieldy manufactured to ensure that basketballs bounce properly. While the systems may be designed for basketball they work great for dancers and in yoga studios. 

Gym Floor Refinishing

When working in the athletic flooring field you work with a lot of different facilities. One day we might be at an apartment complex refinishing a racquetball court and the next we are at a college installing their game day floor. Working with so many different types of customers allows us to truly be able to meet any customer’s unique needs. Our team is all in house and we will be on your project from the first phone call for information to the final coat. While being in house means our team has to be trained in many different disciplines we believe it makes for a better overall experience. The process of refinishing a gym starts with the design. Designing the floor includes all courts needed, logos, baseline wording, stain and paint colors. Combining all the different elements allows us to give our customers a one of a kind finished product. After the design process materials are ordered and we schedule your project. Once on site we start with sanding, removing all old finish. Sealer coats are applied to the freshly sanded maple. Then we tape out lines, lay down stencils and paint. After all the paint is dry the final coats can be applied. We have worked in the beautiful Westminster area and love seeing different parts of Colorado doing what we love.

Gym Floor Striping, Painting & Design

When working on your court design we will go over a lot of different variables. Court layouts are one of the most important parts of this process but it’s not the most fun. Logos and design elements are our customers favorite part of the process and we enjoy the creativity. Our team works with a great stencil artist that can take your logo and scale it into a center court stencil for us to apply and paint. We also work with our clients to find the perfect paint colors. Many schools, especially universities, have very specific paint colors they need for their logo. We can custom match paint colors allowing our customers to have the exact shade they need for their striping and logos. We create a custom schematic of the floor design for our clients to approve, compiling all their design elements into their ideal floor layout. 

After the layout has been created and approved we can start the labor portion of the project. We start every project with an on-site meeting, to go over the layout onsite and answer any question. After our meeting the team jumps into the project. Sanding with our specialty sanders designed to remove old finish and bring the wood back to its former glory. Sanding is generally a few day project, taking multiple passes to fully remove the old finish. Sealer coats are applied once the wood is exposed and properly sanded. Then we stripe and paint logos. Finally we apply the final top coats, giving the floor the shine and dazzle the customer has been waiting for. 

Gym Floor Maintenance

Maintenance services are another part of the athletic wood flooring department. Gym flooring is a big investment and maintaining it with annual buff and coats is a great way to protect that investment. A maintenance coat adds a fresh coat of finish to the floor but is not as extensive as a full refinish. We are able to add fresh lines and even courts during this process. We work with many Westminster gyms to keep their floor in tiptop shape. 

We work on a lot of gym floors but we do other types of athletic flooring as well. Dance halls and yoga studios are other customers we service. We also service community centers, sports courts like racquetball, and a variety of other large scale wood floors. When working in these applications we may not apply paint but all the other aspects of our project remain the same. 

Our team has loved moving into performance sports flooring and we love that it has added such a fun variety of customers. Performance sport flooring is hard work but it can be a lot of fun and full of creativity and variety. Seeing different parts of Colorado like Westminster is a great benefit of our job. 


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