Hardwood Maintenance

Keep Your Floors Looking Great

Hardwood flooring is low maintenance but there are some steps you need to consider between refinished. When a maintenance coat is one of the options for maintaining your floor between refinishes. When doing a maintenance coat the floor will first be professionally cleaned. The professional cleaning uses a mixture of mechanical scrubbers, powerful vacuums and high PH cleaners to truly clean your floor. Once the floor is very clean it can be buffed to remove any small surface scratches. Then a new top coat is applied to give the floor a beautiful new finish that is uniform in sheen. These new coats will not only look good but also extend the life of your floor. These steps can help your floor last for a century or more.

Maintenance coats should be applied ever 3-5 years. These maintenance coats can remove minor scratching and bring back the beautiful shine your floor once had.

Do I need a Maintenance Coat?

When using your floor regularly it can become dull and start to scratch. If you want your floor to have the glass like shine it once had you will want to add a maintenance coat. Maintenance coats are cost effective and quicker than a full refinish.

  • Work time is only 2-4 hours
  • Beautiful finished results
  • Small flaws and scratches removed
  • Shine is restored
  • Durable finish coat applied

The Maintenance Coat Process


We arrive and discuss any questions or concerns. We will then vacuum and wet tack the floor. After that process we will use a microfiber mop to remove any remaining inclusions on the floor.


After the initial cleaning we will use a dirt dragon to do a second cleaning. The dirt dragon scrubs the floor and uses a solution with a high pH to remove the remaining dirt and grime from the floor.


Once the cleaning process is done we will move on to the buffing process. Buffing helps to remove small scratches from the floor and creates a surface that the new floor coat can bond to.


One the floor has been abraded we can complete the final step. The final step is to apple the new finish coat to the floor. The new finish will give the floor a beautiful sheen and fill in existing scratches.

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