Broomfield Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Broomfield Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

The team at Colorado hardwood floors works on all types of wood flooring including athletic wood flooring. We are an installer, refinisher and provide maintenance services. Our installers have been trained on all different types of athletic wood flooring including both fixed and floating systems. We travel all across the state of Colorado including Broomfield.

Gym Floor Installation

We work with different mills providing both fixed and floating systems. When installing gym flooring it is important the installer is trained to install the specific system. Each system has unique requirements and specifications for install that must be met. We work with our team and our clients to ensure there is a solution for existing conditions, unique building specifications, and of course our clients budget. Problem-solving is a big part of this industry because the manufacturer specifications and architects specifications can vary. One of the most common hiccups when installing gym flooring is slab depression and we have a list of different methods to resolve these issues. We know budget can be a huge factor for customers and pride ourselves on finding solutions that meet our clients budgeting needs. Gym floor installations are a huge cost but they are really an investment in your facility. When installing performance sports flooring there are a lot of steps beyond just the installation of the maple. Subfloor systems for athletic flooring are elaborate and include multiple layers of different materials like padding and plywood. The padding adds give to the floor and can make the floor feel bouncy. Performance sports flooring is also referred to as sprung flooring. This flex adds comfort for basketball and volleyball players and reduces tension on knees and other joints. These floors are designed with safety in mind. While gyms are the most common space that you see these types of floors they are also used in dance centers and yoga studios.

Gym Floor Refinishing

When working in this industry you work with a lot of different clients, especially since we provide refinishing services. Refinishing requires a lot of the same work as an install. For both refinishes and installs we work with our customer on design. Design of a gym floor includes court layout, stain, colors, stencils and any additional elements needed. We provide all of the service including design, stencil creation, art, painting, sanding, and finishing. Our team works on your project from start to finish and being entirely in house it’s a great way to streamline these projects. We have worked with athletic directors, schools, colleges, studio owners, and private residents. When starting our design process we always sit down with the client and go over all aspects they want to include. Some of our Broomfield clients choose to do this over zoom while others choose to have us visit. We take the elements the client wants and create one of a kind schematics for them to look at, revise, and select. These one of a kind floors are so fun to make and we love hearing the different ideas our customers come up with. We love unique concepts and are excited when our customers want to try something new.

When it comes time to start your project we will be on site the morning of four and on site walk. This meeting allows the foreman to walk the gym with whoever is in charge and go over all aspects of the project, including logo orientation, colors, and layout one last time. We also answer questions and discuss any concerns during this time. Then it’s time for us to get started, the transformation takes only a few days and blows our clients minds. It’s amazing how different the floor can look when the aged finish is removed. Maple is a beautiful natural wood and the amber to finish Heights so much of this beauty.

Gym Floor Maintenance

We go beyond offering just installation and refinishes and also offer maintenance services. Maintenance coats or screening coats are a service that is designed to be done annually. This is when the floor is buffed and a fresh coat of finish is applied. This keeps the floor protected from the elements and the finish safe for use. Flooring finish can become slippery overtime and this eliminates that risk. Adding additional coats to your floor helps to protect the investment you’ve made in your wood flooring. Maintenance coats are also a time when fresh paint can be applied but all the paint cannot be removed.

Gym Floor Design, Paint & Striping

When we started in athletic wood flooring we were excited about how much fun it is to work on the designs. This process is creative and allows us to come up with fresh ideas constantly. When we meet with our client on our design consultation we talk to them about all the aspects they may want to include, and on installations we even go over wood grade and how that will affect the finished product. Some of the design elements we discuss include paint, logos, finish, stain and baseline lettering. We take all our clients’ ideas and create fun unique layouts for them to look at and review. We expect to make revisions on these layouts and tell the client has found their perfect floor. These elements can be swapped, enlarged, shrunken or eliminated if not wanted. All the different elements of a gym floor means no project is the same, all our floors are custom creations.

Our team focuses a lot on athletic wood flooring but we also work on different types of large wood floors. Dance schools, community centers, fitness rooms and squash courts are just some of the different floor types we have worked on. We work anywhere that large scale which includes as well. They still need maintenance, refinishing and installation.

Colorado hardwood floors has worked hard to make a good name for themselves and the residential industry and is now paving the way for a great reputation in the athletic wood flooring industry. Large scale projects like gyms can be a physical challenge but are so incredibly rewarding. The unique feel that each project has helps to make each day feel fresh and eliminates some of the monotony that comes with construction. We can’t wait to work with you on your Broomfield athletic wood floor.

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