Loveland Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Loveland Gym Floor Refinishing, Installation & Maintenance

Colorado Hardwood Floors serves the area of Loveland Colorado as an athletic wood flooring contractor. We work with both athletic and residential wood flooring. Colorado hardwood floors began working in the residential flooring industry and branched out to the athletic industry. The addition of athletic wood flooring has expanded our training and added new skills to our repertoire. Athletic wood flooring includes many different aspects like painting, stencils, and design that are not needed for residential flooring. We work with multiple flooring manufacturers and are skilled in installing their different systems.

Gym Floor Installation

Installing athletic wood flooring is unique in that it is installed on a system. These systems are traditionally fixed or floating and come in a variety of different specifications. The mill creates these systems to work with their wood flooring and creates specific installation requirements. We work with our customers to help them understand these products and choose the right one for their job. Some factors that impact which system is used include the specifications of the building, the use of the building, and the budget of the customer.

Residential wood flooring is very different then performance sports flooring. Sports flooring includes an underlayment system specifically designed to be used in gymnasiums. These underlayment systems include both padding and plywood which raises the floor off the subfloor and creates bounce and give on the floor. The maple is installed on top of the system. The systems also ensure proper bounce for basketballs, most manufacturer mills focus on basketball when designing the systems but they are also ideal for volleyball, yoga, and dance. The give of the floor helps to reduce tension on joints.

Athletic wood flooring is used in lots of different spaces. These different spaces can make each project feel unique. Our team has worked in a variety of different spaces including community centers, rec centers, schools, universities, apartment complexes and much more. Working in different environments each day means our team stays sharp, engaged, and excited about what we’re doing. Our team is all in house and we work with our customers from first phone call to final coat. We work with our customers with their design to create an accurate bid. Our bids include all the specifics of the project including courts, logos, stencils, custom colors and much more. Once on site our team wear many different hats, working on all steps of the project. We work all over the Loveland area and do our bids both in person and via zoom.

Gym Floor Design, Striping & Paint

The design process is very focused and covers many different variables including layout. Layout is vital to the design process to ensure all necessary aspects are represented on the schematic. We want to ensure the customer can visualize the project properly. Once the courts are laid out we can add design elements and logos. Our team can create custom stencils that include a school’s Logo in the Center Court Circle. We also do stain, custom paint colors, baseline lettering and other elements. Our team creates one of a kind schematics to show our customers including revisions as needed. We then take the schematic and create the stencils and order the necessary paint.

Gym Floor Refinisingh

Once the design process is complete it is time for us to arrive on site. We start our on site visit with a site walk, this allows us to go over any questions, concerns and double check the layout one last time. Once the site walk is signed off on we can start sanding. Sanding the floor requires specialty sanders that strip the finish on the floor and flatten the remaining wood. Once the old finish is removed the seal coat can be applied and the striping and stencil process can start. The stencils and court striping gives the floor the new design the customers are excited about, this is the most fun part of our project. After the paint has dried we apply finish coats.

Gym Floor Maintenance

We also provide maintenance services. Colorado hardwood floors can service athletic facilities for yearly buff and coats. We work in Loveland offering these maintenance services which keep a floor safe and protected. The slip coefficient is a vital part of any gym floor and maintenance coats are a great way to ensure the stays at the right level. Maintenance coats are a great time to add new paint.

While gym flooring is the most common large scale wood flooring we work on, we also work on different facilities like racquetball courts and community centers. Yoga studios and dance halls are also great examples of places we work. These applications often exclude painting but still require the same services as gym floors.

Performance sports flooring is a fun and exciting industry with lots of creativity. This new skill set has been a great way for our team to expand their repertoire and allow us to work in different parts of Colorado like Loveland.


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