Have fun and get in shape with a home tennis court!

Home tennis courts are not only a fun addition to your home but come with other great benefits as well. Adding a tennis court to your backyard can be easily customized to meet your interests and needs. Additionally these courts can have great impacts on the value of your home. One of the biggest benefits people find for having a home tennis court is never having to wait for your block of tennis court time, you can play whenever you want!

Benefits of Owning a Tennis Court

The biggest benefit of having a home tennis court is that you can customize it however you want. When installing a tennis court in your yard or community you can customize it however you see fit. Some homeowners add pickleball lines, basketball hoops, or other striping to meet your families needs. Beyond courtlines and sports you can customize your court with whatever colors you want. The colors can help your tennis court blend in more with your backyard abs be less noticeable or make it stand out. Many clients find that these courts become a gathering spot for the neighborhood kids so having more than one sport option is a big benefit of your own private sports courts.

Add Value to Your Property

Tennis courts are considered a feature for many homes and can add value to your property. If you have the space a tennis court is going to improve the resale value of your home and draw in buyers. Tennis courts don’t just appeal to people who love tennis but they make a great play surface for kids and can be used for basketball and other sports. 

Home Court Advantage!

Another big benefit of adding your own private tennis court is home-court advantage. While playing in a familiar place is always an advantage, playing in your yard is an even bigger advantage. You will have much more time to practice and prepare when you don’t have to drive to the park, tennis club or country club to play. 

Tennis courts make a great family entertainment space. Spending time with your family is as easy as picking up your racquets when the tennis court is in your yard. Kids love to play and tennis or pickleball makes it even more fun for the adults. Family entertainment combined with the physical activity of a sport like tennis is a true win win.

Be More Active

Having a backyard tennis court often adds exercise time into your life. Whether you play tennis, use your court for additional fitness space, shoot hoops or play pickleball with your kids you are likely to find more time to burn calories with the easy access to a tennis court. If you are looking for ways to get more exercise for both you and your family a tennis court is a great solution. Not having to commute to a fitness facility makes it even easier to find time to exercise. 

Maintenance is not as bad as you may expect with a home tennis court. Resurfacing is required every 5-10 years. Cleaning is needed to preserve and maintain the court but it’s often less work than mowing the grass that the tennis court replaced. You may find that the tennis court cuts down your yard work significantly. 

Hire a Highlands Ranch Area Tennis Court Installation Company!

If you are considering a home tennis court, Colorado Hardwood Floors can help. We have added tennis court installation and resurfacing to our athletic portfolio and have found that tennis courts are a wonderful addition to many homes. We think you will agree!


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