Are Steam Mops Good for Hardwood?

Steam mops have been growing in popularity as a way to clean all kinds of floors recently. In fact, some steam mop manufacturers have said that their steam mops are safe for use on hardwood floors. However, some hardwood floor manufacturers have disputed that categorization. They say that steam mops are not safe for hardwood floor. So, what’s the truth?

What’s the Truth?

A steam mop is a fairly simple device. The steam mop has a microfiber pad and a jet that heats water until it steams. The steam jets out of the mop and onto the floor. The heat from the steam disinfects the floor and dislodges any dirt of grime. It’s a great way to clean a tile or linoleum floor. However, you should not clean your hardwood floor with it. The heat and the forces of the steam has been known to melt wax coatings on wax floors. It has also been known to liquefy polyurethane.  If you steam mop your hardwood floor, you run the risk of removing the oil, wax, or polyurethane coating. Some steam mops have even stripped wood all the way back to the bare wood. So, if you can’t use a steam mop, how do you deep clean your hardwood floor?

A Mop and Detergent

The best way to clean your hardwood floor is with a mop and a mild detergent. You should get in touch with the person who installed your floor or with a flooring expert to determine the best kind of floor cleaner for you. Certain floor cleaners that are safe for polyurethane might interact poorly with wax. So, you also need to know what kind of finish is on your floor. You shouldn’t use an acidic cleaner like vinegar.  A mild detergent and a soft mop is generally sufficient to keep your floor clean. Look on the back of the floor cleaner you choose to make sure that it’s safe for hardwood floors.

A Dry Cloth

You can clean hardwood floor with a dry cloth as well. A soft cotton cloth such as an old t-shirt or a dry mop is a great way to clean your hardwood floor of any loose dust or dirt.  Avoid a steam mop for several different reasons; the main reason is that it could melt the polyurethane or wax that protects your floor. They’re also expensive without being more effective than a mop and a broom or dry cloth.

Trust a Denver Hardwood Flooring Contractor

Questions about safely cleaning your new hardwood floor? Call Colorado Hardwood Floors today. Our local experts will help you decide which way to best clean your wood floors. It is important to keep them clean and safe from water damage. Colorado Hardwood Floors is your trusted source for hardwood flooring in Denver!

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