If you want to prevent your flooring from becoming damaged during a move there are a few steps you need to take. Moving is a stressful process but there are lots of ways you can reduce the stress. Moving in different seasons can cause additional stress because of extreme temperatures.

When you are moving into your new home you will want to take some precautionary methods to help ensure your flooring does not get damaged. The foot traffic, boxes and furniture can really add some wear and tear to your floor. The more precautionary methods of protecting your floor you use the better it will look in the end.

First use masonite. Masonite is a hardboard that comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets and can be laid on the top of the floor to act as a shield. These boards are ideal in the main walkways and create a path that will protect your floors.

Ram board is another ideal option for creating a temporary floor protectant. Ram board works well during moving or construction. A roll of ram board will cover a lot of space and is easier to use than masonite sheets. Ram board is great for using in hallways, and other areas with wood flooring. Place ram board in walkways, hallways and any other high traffic spaces.

Moving blankets should be used to help soften any bumps or scrapes from furniture or electronics. The moving blankets will protect the floor as well as your furniture and walls. Moving blankets are a great option and can be rented from moving companies if you plan to move yourself.

Do not slide furniture or any boxes. Sliding from room to room may be tempting but it is awful for your floor. It can leave minor scratches or scuffs and in some cases gouges. Picking up furniture and boxes is the best way to keep the floor safe.

Use a mat to wipe feet before entering your home. Keeping an entry mat at each doorway will help prevent debris from entering your home which can cause scratching.

Adding felt pads to your furniture and chair legs helps to protect your floor from your furniture. Add then while moving in and keep extra on hand to replace regularly.

Use measurements to ensure the move goes smoothly. When you plan on the placement and how to carry your furniture into your space you can prevent any potential scratches or damage to the walls or floors from furniture that won’t fit or is dropped trying to make it into the space.

Hiring a moving company is ideal if you have a lot of wood flooring that you need to protect. A moving company is experienced with how to move furniture into spaces and how to keep it from damaging the flooring.

There are a lots of simple methods for protecting your flooring while moving to ensure it is beautiful after you get all of your belongings inside.

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