It is time to change out that old, tired flooring. What do you pick? New carpet? What about tile? The options for floor coverings are broad and getting larger by the day as new material becomes available. Hardwood floors offer the best of all worlds. They are versatile, durable and offer extreme value for the money.

Versatility of Hardwood Floors

Once you install real hardwood flooring, you can change the color or sheen with simple refinishes. The natural material can be refinished several times before sacrificing the structural quality of the floor.


Once the floor is thoroughly sanded, you can have your Denver based hardwood floor refinishing company apply just about any color of stain you prefer. There are too many shadesto count. You are only limited by your imagination!


Once the color has been determined, your refinisher will apply a sheen to the floor. Once again, this is something that you decide. Do you want something more natural like a matte finish? Or do you want to really make a statement with a glossy coat? Good news…you are not stuck with this for life. On your next refinish you can try something completely different!


Just because you have a hardwood floor does not mean you cannot “soften” it up some with beautiful area rugs. Creating spaces through creative use of temporary floor coverings is a great way to use your hardwood floor as a backdrop versus the main attraction.

Hardwood Floor Durability

Have you ever walked into a 100-year-old home in Denver, or in any city for that matter, and seen original carpet? Doubtful. Carpet and other flooring options just do not last like real hardwood. When professionally installed and maintained, your floor has decades upon decades of use ahead of it! You do not have to worry about cracking a tile or replacing worn carpeting. Your hardwood floor is here for good!


When you compare the average price of installation with the expected life of the product, hardwood flooring is unmatched. While carpet may be cheaper upfront, it will need to be changed multiple times over the life of the home to maintain its look and feel. Not so with hardwood floors. The value of this product is undeniable.

Trust a Denver Professional Hardwood Floor Installer

To get the most out of your hardwood floor, trust an experienced, professional hardwood floor installer in Denver when you are ready to make the move. Hire a company that has a proven track record of successful installs and happy customers. You will not regret it!

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