While hardwood flooring is durable it can scratch. Pets, animals and other factors can cause scratches. There are some options that can help treat scratches and repair small imperfections without a drastic measures like refinishing the floor. *Please note: some “scratches” are not scratches and are depressions in the wood and can only be fixed with a refinish of the floor.

Surface scratches-

Very light scratches can be repaired with a good cleaningproduct. If you have a prefinished floor you will need to ensure that the products are compatible with your floor. Next you will thoroughly clean the area  with a micro-fiber towel. This will get any dirt out of the scratch and possibly make it not visible from a standing position.

Deep Narrow Scratches-

If the scratch has penetrated the stain and finish layer and is exposing bare wood you can likely make the scratch look better. A stain pen or stain product can help conceal the different color of the natural wood. This technique wont conceal the dip or imperfection from the scratch but will make it less noticeable.

Wider scratches or gouges can be difficult to cover without professional help. A patch can help make the gouge less noticeable. This process will require more products like wood filler, sandpaper, and finish product. This process will not be flawless but can help to make a wide gouge from a distance.

If a scratch cant be fixed with these options a professional can help. A buff and coat is an option for a surface scratches and doesn’t take much time. A refinish will remove deeper scratches, dents and other imperfections.

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