Hardwood flooring is not invincible but there are some choices that will work better with dogs than others. There are lot of hardwood flooring products on the market these days and you may be curious if one is better choice for pet owners than others. We will go over all the different flooring choices and help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Site Finished and Prefinished Hardwood Flooring-

Prefinished floors and site finished hardwood are both durable solid wood. Some prefinished hardwood flooring includes an aluminum oxide finish which is very durable and can be more durable than a site finished coating. Aluminum oxide finish include flecks of aluminum oxide which helps to create a very strong wear layer. Also prefinished flooring is likely UV finished. UV finished products can be added on site but not all companies offer it. UV coats are fully cured immediately which is a big benefit. Prefinished flooring has a slight edge over site finished flooring in the scratching department.

Color- THe color of the hardwood may not prevent scratching but it may be able to help hide it. Lighter wood with more grain patterns like oak can help camouflage scratching and some dents which is something pet owners should pay attention to. The surface texture of the wood is also something to consider. A hand scraped floor can be great for hiding scratches because the surface is already textured and it will be less noticable.

When looking at engineered wood you may want to look for acrylic impregnated engineered hardwood flooring. This wear layer can help increase the durability on engineered products making it a great option for pet owners. The pores of the wear layer are injected with acrylic finish to help strengthen the wear layer. These engineered products have less room for movement which helps with dents and scratching. Engineered products can be a great choice for pet owners.

The species of hardwood you choose can also help with scratch resistance. Some hardwood flooring materials are harder than others because of the type of wood they are. American cherry is considered a softwood species while brazilian walnut is an incredibly hard wood. The Janka Hardness rating is used to rank wood species on their relative hardness. Both exotic and domestic woods are tested. Maple and hickory are both great options because they are light in color and have a higher hardness level then some other woods.

In the end there are a lot of options for hardwood flooring in pet friendly homes. Keeping your dog’s nails short, reserving play time for outside and keeping water dishes off the floor are all steps that can help protect your floor from your dog and keep it beautiful for years to come.

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