Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of reclaimed wood by now. Over the past few years, it has emerged as the hottest trend in flooring. You’ve probably even seen it used even if you weren’t aware of what to call it. Here’s the basics.

The Basics of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is technically any wood that has been manufactured and machined for one purpose being taken from its original application and applied elsewhere. While that’s the technical definition, the implication is that the wood is aged in some manner. It is then brought to your house and used as wood flooring. A floor installed in a neighbor’s house three years ago and then moved to your house would be technically reclaimed wood but that’s not what people mean when they use it.  The holy grail of reclaimed wood, for example, is barn wood. Some barns have wooden floors but most of the wood used for floors comes from the barn walls. Barn wood is highly prized because it has been exposed to the elements for decades. That means it bears a patina of age that’s nearly impossible to replicate. The wood has unique character.

How to Get on Trend

To get on the trend, you need to find a reclaimed wood distributor. The easiest solution is simply to search for a hardwood flooring retailer that offers reclaimed wood floors. These are often floors from old homes that have been pulled up and resold. They’re a great option because they’re very quick and easy to install. Oftentimes, the wood doesn’t even need to be machined again.  Getting on the reclaimed wood trend is more than just getting the floor, though. If you pick a reclaimed floor, you need the furniture to go with it. You need either reclaimed wood furniture and cabinetry or at least cabinets and furniture that bear a patina of age. The best way to do that is to search for distressed wood furniture. You can also invest in more flooring wood than you need. You can use that to clad your cabinets or countertops to match the floor. The floor is simply the centerpiece of a home that looks and feels like an antique.  There are a lot of ways to get on the trend; oftentimes, your neighbors will simply give away their old wooden floors when they remodel. Keep an eye out online and in your neighborhood for people who are remodeling. Even if the floor is badly damaged, it is likely salvageable.

Your Reclaimed Wood Floor Experts in Denver

Colorado Hardwood Floors is the Denver expert on reclaimed wood flooring. Look no further! Ask them the questions you have about reclaimed wood before you take another step. Their team has the experience and knowledge you need to make the best decision possible. Is reclaimed wood flooring right for your home? Talk to the experts first then decide. It just makes sense.

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