Permanent Exterior Lighting

Permanent Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting looks great and provides a new level of security to your home or business. In the Denver metro, homeowners and business owners turn to Colorado Hardwood Floors for the latest in permanent exterior lighting from JellyFish Lighting.

Why Choose JellyFish Lighting from Colorado Hardwood Floors? Here are a just a few of the reasons why Denver residents love JellyFish!

No Need to Remove and Install Lights Seasonally

When installed with care, exterior lights look great. It is hard to drive past a house and not be impressed by beautiful and carefully placed lighting. However, for most of us, it is difficult work to install lights year after year only to take them down once they are no longer needed. The work is often dangerous requiring homeowners to work at heights on ladders or walking around on their roofs. With JellyFish Lighting the installation is done by professionals, keeping you safely on the ground. Once they are in place, they stay there for years! You can change the colors and patterns with a simple push of the button.

Seasons Change and So Should Your Lights

While Christmas is the traditional time of year for exterior lighting, more and more homeowners are beginning to light up their homes for other seasons and holidays. Black and orange for Halloween? Why not? Try going with red and white for Valentine’s Day. With JellyFish permanent exterior lighting and their 16 million different light combinations, you are only limited by your imagination!

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Great Addition to Your Home Security

Ground based exterior lighting is great for home security, but it is more easily bypassed by criminals than lighting that is out of their reach. JellyFish Lighting provides a great addition to your home security system by creating a well-lit environment that keeps many bad guys away. Most crimes are based on opportunity. If your house is well-lit but your neighbor’s is not, it is less likely for your home to be a target. Burglars tend to look for homes that are poorly lit because it helps to conceal their activities.

HOA Friendly Lighting

Many Homeowner’s Associations, or HOAs, frown upon leaving exterior lights up year-round. The reason is because they are often unsightly and make the home look neglected. Leaving your traditional holiday lights up throughout the year can lead to HOA violations, fines, and possible legal proceedings. The JellyFish Lighting system is virtually invisible when not in use, meaning the HOA does not have to worry about your home reflecting poorly on the neighborhood. Your home looks great when the lights are on and when they are off!

Contact an Experienced JellyFish Lighting Installer in the Denver Metro

You can see there are many reasons to turn to JellyFish when you are ready for permanent exterior lighting in the Denver metro. Colorado Hardwood Floors is the company to call to get this project done quickly and correctly. Trust our team to expertly install your new JellyFish system. Call today to schedule your free, on-site consultation and be ready to put your ladder away for good!

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