When deciding if permanent exterior lighting is the right choice for you there are some factors you will need to consider. Permanent exterior lighting is an exciting innovation that allows a homeowner to customize their exterior lighting from an app and turn it off when not needed. This lighting cannot be seen when it is powered off, making it an ideal product for homeowners who don’t want to install Christmas lights annually but love the ambiance lighting brings. 

When getting started on an exterior lighting project you will want to consider the architecture of the home. The roofline might need lights on all the eaves or you may be able to pick and choose key spots for lighting to get the biggest bang for your buck. Budget can also be a reason to choose less roofline to cover, we are happy to present our customers with options for their quote so they can choose a version of their project that works for both their budget and the roofline of their home. Here are a few reasons to consider permanent exterior lighting from Jellyfish.

Makes Your Life Easier

Permanent exterior lighting has become a popular option because of the durability and the ease of use. Very little maintenance is needed for these types of lights because of the way they are installed and the led bulbs. Overtime bulbs may need to be replaced but this is a simple process that can be done yourself or with the help of Denver hardwoods. Hardware does not have to be upgraded overtime because the control system is able to update instead. 

Completely Customizable

The controller gives you the ability to customize your lights entirely. Permanent exterior lights are known for their ability to change color, jellyfish lights offer over 16 million different colors. There are 102 preprogrammed color patterns but you can also customize your own. You can dim the lights to set different modes and even use a soft white to light your backyard. 

Energy Efficient

Permanent lights are also great for conserving energy. They use only one watt each on full brightness. Beyond the led bulb energy savings they also save energy with the timer presets. You can set on and off times to ensure your lights aren’t left on all night long. This feature is saved in the controller so you don’t have to reset it each time you use your lights. 

More than just Holiday Lights

Jellyfish lighting is much more than a holiday light system. It is a permanent outdoor lighting system with customizable features. Many of our customers use their lighting daily to add curb appeal to their home and light to their yard. Lights can be “skipped” to make the lighting look more like installed can lighting. The lights can also be dimmed to provide the perfect amount of light. 

While you have a lot of options when it comes to Christmas lights, nothing beats jellyfish lights. Don’t get on a ladder in the cold Colorado winter, turn your lights on with just a few clicks. Colorado hardwood is your Denver and Colorado resource for jellyfish permanent lighting. We offer installation and training on how to use the lighting system to all our customers. 


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