Adding festive lighting to our house feels like a great idea the weekend following thanksgiving but come the first week of January it can be a burden to remove. Permanent exterior lighting is a great solution to this common feeling. Permanent lighting goes beyond your typical string of outdoor lights and can be a great option for adding festive colors to your roof line for game day or other holidays.

Christmas Lights are a Snap!

Putting Christmas lights up is a lot of work combining the cold weather and ladders can make it feel like a thankless chore. Professional Christmas light installation may seem like a great idea until you see the quote. Christmas light installation costs are very steep and don’t cover any other holidays or accent lighting, every year the bill will just get steeper and you will have nothing to show for it. Permanent exterior lighting is a great option for adding Christmas lights to your eaves that you can turn on and off easily, customize and change for different holidays. While the initial cost may be higher, these lights are a permanent part of your home and can be used all year. 

Celebrate Holidays All Year ‘Round

Don’t stop at decorating your home for Christmas, Jellyfish lights allow you to change the color for any holiday. The color combinations are endless and playing with the different color options is a fun way to decorate your home with minimal effort. We have seen purple and orange for Halloween, red white and blue for the 4th of July and green and yellow for Easter. The options don’t stop there, you can even do orange and blue for the Denver Broncos.

Adds Architectural Interest

Additionally permanent eave lights can be a great way to add more light to the exterior of your home. The ambiance of these soft led lights can add a lot of curb appeal and are a great option for adding more light to your backyard without hanging strings of lights. This lighting can be installed on roof lines as well as patio covers. When customizing your lights you can turn off some of the lights to create space between them and soften the light creating a more romantic vibe or turning the lighting up for a big party. With the ability to customize your lighting the options are limitless.

Beef Up Your Home’s Security with Jellyfish Lighting

These lights can also serve as a deterrent for crime keeping the area around your home well lit. Well lit spaces are less likely to be targeted for crime. A well lit space also makes it easier for exterior cameras to capture images of any intruders or loiterers who may be targeting your home. 

Trust a Denver Jellyfish Lighting Contractor

Jellyfish lighting is the best of the best for permanent exterior lighting and Colorado hardwood is your trusted Colorado installer. Our team has been given the proper training to install your lights and teach you to use them. We love how festive our clients’ homes look with these lights and they love the ability to customize their roofline. 


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